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Ok theres this guy at school that I really like. Hes always staring at me. Well I invited him to my b-day party and he actually came he was the first to show up. Is that a sign he likes me? And when were in class hes always saying hi to me. He is so cute I love his dimples. Anyways I dont think he likes me because im white and hes african american. Plus the thing I really like about him is that he treats me with respect, like when we were going to our seats (we sit next to each other) he stepped aside and let me go to my seat first. so please tell me does he like me?

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no sory

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It sounds like he does like you, despite your colour or his, it sounds like he geuinly likes you and if your willing to give him a chance he may make you very happy!

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This very well could be a sign of him liking you. Don't think that because of his race that he doesn't like you. With this day and age people look so far past religion, race, etc.. and so should you. If you don't know if he likes you then you should ask him to hang out sometime so you two and spend some one-on-one time together.

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Yes he definently likes you. Even if he is a different race than you, it doesn't mean he can't like you. If he does all of that sutff for you then he definently likes you!

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