Is it just me, or is FunAdvice getting more fun?

I have to say, I spent the last 30 minutes browing around and reading new profiles, questions, answers, and I must say: FunAdvice is more ‘fun’ than ever :)

Thanks to everybody who has signed up to post questions, give answers & make friends. We have a lot of stuff on the way we’ve been frantically working on, and as usual, I’d love feedback :)

What could we do better? I know there is always something. And believe it or not, a TON of the improvements we’ve made over the past year were based on what you said we needed to fix. We might not get to it overnight, but we’ll get to it as soon as we can. Thanks!

Answer #1

u should be able to upload videos onto ur sight so u cn show people urself friends r just upload music!!!

Answer #2

no its just you

Answer #3

way more fun

Answer #4

This is my new favorite site. It so much more productive than some other sites where you can make friends. Here, you can make friends AND feel a bit useful. You can also learn all kinds of things, some crazy stuff but some very helpful. Anytime I learn something new, whether it be totally weird or utterly amazing, I am grateful. It is FUN FUN FUN!

Answer #5

well, i just started and i love how it works!

Answer #6

it’s not “more fun” it’s EXPLODING!!! man, this is the awesomest forum/advice place ive been to :D glad i found it.

Answer #7

You’re right dude, it has gotten more Fun since I first started !

Answer #8

I think you’re absolutely right!!. Since I joined this site in March, I’ve seen many interesting as well as entertaining questions and answers. I must compliment all those who contribute by way of questions, comments and advice, it’s through you that the world seems broghter to some, (present writer included) more bearable to others and simply amazing to all. To the editors and advisors, I take my hat off to you for all your hard work, judging by the number of unsanswered questions and some of the less acceptable contributions, you’re doing an excellent job. Please keep it up. I especially like the way the site has been modified to deal with language which may be considered profane by some, but as legitimate and genuine questions by others. Ten out of ten from me!!

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