What are other bands like Bring Me the Horizon?

I am such a MASSIVE Bring Me The Horizon fan, and I struggle to find another band with the high-pitched screaming such as them, alesana, PenKnifeLoveLife etc.

PLEASE help me find more bands with high-pitched screaming because I don’t want to overplay any BMTH classics!

JaXz x

Answer #1

Bring me the horizon is my favorite band. Love their music. I killed the prom queen drop dead gorgeous dance gavin dance

Answer #2

I killed the prom queen,between the buried and me,bury you dead,job for a cowboy,dead to fall,bound by blood,war from the harlots mouth,a day to remember and underoath and if you want to be a little out there try slipknot

Answer #3


and the best part is, all the little scenies have yet to discover this band yet lol

Answer #4

try attack attack!

Answer #5

umm, some old Drop Dead, Gorgeous songs he has a high scream. maybe HeavyHeavyLowLow…i dont really know. i dont listen to too much high-pitched screaming bands. From Autumn To Ashes maybe. Beneath The Sky u will probably like. idk. hope i helped you though.

Answer #6

well im not to kean on the high pitched screamin but some beand that have a tendancy to scream that i like are…from first to last, from autumn to ashes, the used, silverstien, escape the fate, senses fail, atreyu, arma angelus, finch, boy sets fire, bullet for my valentine, hopesfall, with broken wings, in flames, on broken wings, secret lives of the freemasons, and underoath, some of them are more to the meal genre btu i hope this could help

Answer #7

misery signals the ghost inside johnny truant.

and there all fabulous live. =]

Answer #8

Drop Dead, Gorgeous for sure. try Catherine they don’t sound that much like BMTH good. Number 12 Looks like you(deffaintly) Blood Brothers As Cities Burn Dance Gavin Dance Scary Kids Scaring Kids [Some] Emanuel

try any of those. they aren’t just like BMTH but they are all around the same genre

Answer #9

this band reminds me of Alesana


Answer #10

this band reminds me of Alesana


Answer #11

Um yea I deffinatly love bands like that and im pretty sure you like Converge. Pig Destroyer , Blood Brothers (most for sure) um… MAYBE arsonists get all the girls… um blessthefall yup POSSIBLY me and him call it us. Devil wears prada (who hasnt herd of them though). IF you can FIND it the song Cuddlefest 2003 by the band heavyheavylowlow is really good.Here I come falling is good band you will probably like Hopes die last. I set my friends on fire is really good. Love Hounds by Neon Blonde is good. but yea deff. hit up the blood brothers cause their high picthed GOOD :)

Answer #12

Motionless in White! iloveem’ :D

they live close to me, but I dont see them anymore really. it sucks because I was friends with them…

Answer #13

Uhm..Beaneath The Sky and All That Remains. They’re good. I Killed The Prom queen too. I’m a big fan of BMTH too. I love the song Black and Blue.

Answer #14

All That Remains Suprised None of you said As I Lay Dying Blessthefall Four Letter Lie In Fear And Faith Maryilyn Manson Oceana Our Last Night A Skylit Drive Suicide Silence Throw The Fight There you go Braaah!!

Answer #15

Kay. go to www.last.fm That’s Lastdotfm not .com XD At the top of the page,you’re gonna see ‘’Search’’ Type in Bring me the horizon. It will bring up their page. Click it,then under the list of about them,your gonna see a button that says ‘’See simaliar aritists’’ Click that,I will bring up like a bunch of pages of bands like them. When you wanna sample a song or 2,go to www.playlist.com and just type in the band’s name and you can check em out. XD

Answer #16

We Are The Ocean Sky Eats Airplane August Burns Red ( I bet your gonna like it ;) Arch Enemy (I’m not sure if your gonna like it. Just try) Eyes Set To Kill ( This is more gothic ) :D

Answer #17

parkway drive, the devil wears prada, bullet for my valentine, motionless in white, oceana not many people have heard of them but they are amazing…your welcome

Answer #18

devil wears prada, brokencyde, drop dead gorgeous, underoath, breathe carolina screams and sings.

Answer #19

I killed the prom queen. the number 12 looks like you.

I killed the prom queen is my 2nd favortie<3

bmth sounds NOTHING like alesana. I hate them.

but bmth is ammmazing<3

Answer #20

Try; Dead Swans The Secret Handshake Johnny Truant The Black Dahilia Murder I killed the Prom Queen Marionette Parkway Drive Trigger the Bloodshed

Hope that helps =)

Answer #21

hey look you’ll wanna try these: all that remains all shall parish beneath the sky carnifex children of the bodum cattle decapitation dr.acula guttedwithbrokenglass job for a cowboy knights of the abyss I wrestled a bear once parkway drive the red shore suicide silence waking the cadaver we came with broken teeth we butter the bread with butter and so on, but most of everyone else didnt put the stuff ul like but I know you will like this trust me

Answer #22





Peace out

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