is it hard to pierce your septum?

Im going to pirce mine. No matter what you say.

So give me instruction or answer my question.

Answer #1

uhm, my friend recently did hers, like her friend did it for her; and it wasnt hard. so I heard.

Answer #2

Ummm ace85109 I Did My Lip by Myself, And Nothing Happen You Just got To Take REALLY GOOD care Of It If You get ANYTHING Pierced Unprofessionally

Answer #3

You WILL regret this… but oh well, be stupid if you want to.

Answer #4

I also heard it wasnt hard but it did follow with a bunch of pain

Answer #5

I wont give you instructions but I will answer your question and tell you not to be an idiot your not a profesional, and theres nothing profesional about stabbing something through your flesh especially something dangerosue like a safety pin or sewing neelde kids should peirce themselves they know nothing of how to do it and what to use, but they also no nothing about swelling, the other dangerouse, were your veins are and how easy it is to get it crooked ect thre also usally stupid and dont think about things like there school, parents or how most jobs consider peircings unattractive and unprofesional just save up $60 bucks and get it profesionally done, its not that hard use your brain im sure you have one

Answer #6

Wow, really not a big deal to pierce it yourself, as long as you are steril. I have my nose, septum, smiley, tongue web, ears 5 times total, plus streched to an inch, belly button, and monroe, and have done them all on my own, with out infection at all. they are all perfectly healed. So keep to yourself with the “advice”, everyone into piercings has read that before.

Answer #7

ok so any one of you that says to always get piercings professionally done is a retard. I’ve pierced and stretched my own ears and am bout to be piercing my septum. theres only certain piercings I would strongly recommend you getting professionally done. like lip piercings or abnormal skin piercings. other than that I say just do it yourself. but always do a lot of reasearch into how to do it before you actually go do it of you could end up with serious problems.

Answer #8

I don’t care if you don’t like this or not… it’s true so DEAL WITH IT! You DON’T pierce ANYTHING yourself. Only a true moron would even THINK about doing ANY piercing by their self. Piercings are meant to be done PROFESSIONALLY… no matter what. If you pierce it yourself, chances are you’ll end up with infections, it won’t heal up correctly, and you probably won’t even pierce it right to begin with. Don’t listen to ANYONE giving you tips on how to do this yourself. Seriously, they’re full of sh*t. They’re NOT professionals and they DON’T know what they’re doing. Neither do you for that matter. If they would claim to be a professional piercer, ignore them because they’re lying. If they were truly a professional, they’d be saying “DON’T EVER do ANY piercing yourself. ALWAYS get your piercings done by a PROFESSIONAL like myself”.

Listen to my advice, I know what I’m talking about. You WILL regret doing it yourself and you’ll be wishing like hell you would have gotten it done professional. It’ll be well worth the price and you won’t be sorry, I promise. By getting it done professionally, you will KNOW it’s done right and you will have a VERY LOW risk of infection if you care for it properly that is. So seriously, DON’T DO IT YOURSELF. Get it done by a PROFESSIONAL.

Answer #9

didja du it?! :D if yu did..congrats!.if yu are er were in teh situation I was in I getchyaa..any advice..besides “getting it professionally done” thats not an option .period. ^^”

Answer #10

piercing it isn’t the hard part, it’s trying to get curved jewellery in afterwards. as long as you get the needle through the sweet spot (thinner bit of skin inside your nose at the top between the cartilidge and tip) and it’s straight, then you should be okay. I’ve tried twice and got it through fine, it’s just trying to get the jewellery in after that has prevented me from doing it so far. I’ve pierced and stretched my own ears, pierced the cartilidge of my ears, my lip, hips and smiley. all have been fine. just give it a go. (:

Answer #11

I just pierced my septum myself with a larger sewing needle and it wasn’t hard at all. You really don’t need to get it done professionally unless you have trouble with pain. It does hurt while your doing it and it can be hard to get the ring in after you take the needle out but as long as your needle is around the same size as your ring you’ll be ok. Just be sure to sterilize EVERYTHING first!! I used fire and rubbing alcohol on the ring and needle and rubbing alcohol on the area I wanted to pierce. I did it quickly and it wasn’t that bad. I love mine and it’s so easy to hide if your parents, school, boss etc. don’t approve. Hope I helped [:

Answer #12

It’s not really hard, but it can definitely be painful. Different people have different sized septums. The pain increases with the thickness of the septum and it can be hard to get through all that misery. The reason I say it’s not difficult is that all you need is a needle and a ring (although some tribal people do it with less than that).

Don’t listen to these people who say “dur dur dur only get it professionally, blah blah blah” because they have no idea what they’re talking about. Sure, you can hurt yourself by piercing your own septum, but a chance to get hurt isn’t reason enough to not do something, especially in our post-jackass society.

Tribal people, like I mentioned before, have been piercing septums for a very long time without professionals or doctors or hydrogen peroxide, and it’s still a common practice, so it can’t be that bad.

The real risks with piercing your septum have to do with why you want your septum pierced, I think. If you’re trying to look pretty then a professional is probably the way to go because they have more practice at making it perfectly straight and symmetrical. But, if you’re doing it to be a badass or just because you want to pierce yourself and figure you might as well go all out, then go for it. Be safe if you can, you know. Wash the needle/safety pin/ whatever with some peroxide, rinse it off, burn it if you want (no idea if that accomplishes anything), then dry it off (or get the char off if you burned it) and just look in the mirror and push.

I say this as both a person who has had a professional piercing and someone who did it by myself. It looks the same. It actually hurt less when I did it myself. I mean, it’s not that hard to be a body piercer, you don’t need a college degree, you just need a license. Other professions that only require licensing include contractors, plumbers, electricians and stuff like that, but people don’t tell you it’s a bad idea to try to fix your own plumbing, or build your own house or replace your own fuses.

If you haven’t ever pierced yourself though, I would not recommend the septum as a starting point, unless you’re just doing it to prove you’re a badass or something.

best of luck

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