Is it fun to move?

I’m 17, 18 next month, and I have never moved. Lived in Apex NC all my life.

Answer #1

No. I moved from Greenville,NC to Indiana. and it is so sad. enjoy things while you can. But you do make a lot of new friends and get a new house!

Answer #2

the whole moving process is very hard. I have moved probably 6 times and im only 14. you havve to organize and put everything in boxes.
when you move into a fresh and new place tho it feels really kewl to like start over. Its actually quite fun

Answer #3

Moving is super stressful (packing, loading, unpacking, organizing). But when all of the stuff that is not fun is over, it is great !!! Good luck and I hope you enjoy your new home :)

Answer #4

I grew up with a military dad, and joined the military, and FINALLY I am married to a military man. I have moved a lot, and I think its fun to meet new people. PLUS, you get to start over and change how you view the world seeing it from a new point of view. :-)

Answer #5

hah im not exactly moving, I just really want to. I tend to be a bit anti-social, but nothing that impedes the friend making process. I do have xbox live though, just in case (=

Answer #6

where are you moving TO? moving’s nice because you get to go through all your crap and throw out a bunch of stuff. plus, you get to start with a clean slate wherever you move to. downside is you leave your friends, but really, there’s cool people wherever you go, so I’m sure you’ll be fine. unless you’re antisocial…then I guess there’s always xbox live. live the dream.

Answer #7

hey, I’m a former north carolinian myself. anyway it can be a hassle but can also be exciting. I have moved almost 20 times (a lot bc my dad was in the military when I was young) so I have a lot of experience. If you are moving a lot of items, which at your age probably not, I would recommend movers. But you probably don’t have that much stuff. Just start packing early! Get some boxes (try to get free ones from the ABC store or grocery stores) and old newspapers and try to do a few boxes a day so you aren’t too overwhelmed. Also, label where the box is to go and what is in it. Try to keep all the related items together. You could rent a Uhaul for a day or two if you don’t have a truck or get some friends together.

So where are you moving? Staying in NC?

Answer #8

it is very stressful geting all of your stuff out . but fun when you move in

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