Is it damage?

ok I let my boyfriend finger me...he did pretty hurts a lot! will the pain go away? and im like lying on my stomach..some string my stomach is like is my thing..damage or what? im hurts a lil bit now

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happens to me all the time when he goes to rough! its normally goes away in 2-3days

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lol yes it will go away and im assuming your a virgin is why it hurt so much, but you probably just sore and no dear you arnt damaged :) lol just sore, and the stomache thing is just how your laying lol

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I highly doubt there is any damage.. it will just be sore from the friction etc because he was rough. The pain will be gone in a few hours max.

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well I did tell him he was rough doesnt hurt anymore

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Why would you allow him to be so rough? It will most likely hurt for time TELL him to be more gentle!!!

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