Is it 'Advice' or 'Opinions'?

I thought this was a place for advice but there’s so many people asking questions about our opinions. What do you think about it?

Answer #1

I love this site. I’m on here all the time. It’s a very friendly place and at the same time, people need advice and opinions about some serious subjects. I’m a lot older than the average person here and I have experience with a lot of questions that are presented. I hope that I will not be biased with my answers and remember that I don’t have all the answers, but honest and true ones. I am a disabled person. I have Severe COPD (Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease) and it’s helped me to try and think of life as not so grim & deliberate, rather, more light-hearted and spontaneous. I think that, sometimes, we are just too serious I hope that I would never post anything that would be considered as random garbage. My point here, was to add some comic relief. I hope that’s how it was taken. Thank you for such a great site. It and the people here, have made my life more calm and easy going. Sincerely, Carol

Answer #2

Yeah, I get on here and I end up staying all day. It’s a very addictive site.

I like to give advice too. It makes me feel good to think I may have helped someone.

Answer #3

I’ve seen a lot of sites with questions and answers. Here, I see a community of warmth and compassion, along with excellent advice, and I can’t keep away from it :) I’d have to admit also, it’s made my life a little brighter :)

Answer #4

I think its a bit of both advice and opinions…Sometimes you post answers based on your experiences (advice) or you’ll post an answer based on your judgement or what you think is right (opinions) so…

Answer #5

Hehe- you yourself are asking for our opinions. I think that a lot of advice is opinionated, and some advice is the same as opinions- if that makes sense. It’s hard for advice not to be opinionated unless it’s a closed question- straight yes or no answer. Even those are opinionated… So it could either be called advice OR opinions. Britz

Answer #6

well its kind of the same thing. everyone has different opinions on things and people base there advice on there opinions. someone wouldnt say something if they didnt agree with it and someone who does agree with it wouldnt say they dont.

Answer #7

Its pretty much both, as long as its a question in some sort of manor. But if someone just decides to randomly post their opinion about something and not even ask anything instead of a question, it usually gets deleted. I think the opinion type ones will slim down a bit now that we don’t allow the “am I hot” questions anymore… my goodness they got so out of control it was irritating. I’m glad you enjoy the site, your right about it being addictive for sure.

Answer #8

So, when we started (five years ago) it was “advice”…the “en vogue” thing is “answers” lol, especially since Yahoo launched their product while I worked there.

However, we’re perfectly fine with questions that warrant advice, opinions, answers, or simply comments…a lot of people post news to “share” from stuff they read, and then ask for people’s thoughts…they don’t really need an answer in that case, but people of course will reply because we always want to make sure that folks get a reply when they ask something.

Though if you post random garbage (not that you would - teenage boys do that mostly) then we’ll remove it. :)

Answer #9

Well advice comes from an opinion. Think about it, you try to think of a way to help someone in the best possible way, and your best possible way might and probably is different from everybody else’s. I’m a very opinionated person, so I love this site because it lets me state my opinion while calling it ‘advice’. (:

Answer #10

Lol, I agree with lovemealways, sometimes, it leads to advice, other times it’s people who are really just bored.



Answer #11

It’s pretty much both but it’s still fun :)

Answer #12

Ditto the above. I came here to ask a question and I like how quickly I got a response. I do a lot of reading on this site and it’s cool. Esp. the questions they can be fun. Although there are some very serious ones either way I have always liked to give advice throughout my family they already know that they can count on me to give advice, opinion. speak my mind, or call it what you want I enjoy it. This is my opinion and my advice is learn to like it cool in here.

Answer #13

I think, in basic, advice comes from opinions, from other advice/experiences forming those opinions which in turn, is what advice is. A users opinion. If that made sense.

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