Is ikea really the cheapest furntiure?

I am buying a kitchen table and I am looking at unfinished furniture. I heard that Ikea has a good selection for good prices. Is there stuff cheap or inexpensive? Do I have to worry about stuff falling apart or only having technicians in Taiwan with the ability to help me should the table have problems?

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Their stuff is reasonably priced and fairly strong. Try to get the real wood stuff, and not the particleboard items.

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Ikea's furniture is really good. I can say very strong. So if you are looking for long time investment It is good to buy Ikea's furniture. Another suggestion I would like to give is you can prefer eco-friendly furniture. There are lots of benefits of eco friendly furniture. Nowadays many varieties are also available in it. It also looks stylish in a home and enhances the look of your home. Here you can find some tips about it:

Effective Tips for Picking Eco-Friendly Furniture for Your Home
Some of you are obsessed stylish and advanced furniture, whereas some of you do not care much about the same. Accept it, a piece of good furniture indeed enhances the overall look of the room or space. Whether that is a piece of furniture from antiques world or your local charity shop, the demand for ...
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