is he to old to see me undressed?

My son just turned two and I was wondering since I feel free with nudity and dont think it is wrong or should be hidden but I dont want my child to be exposed to anything he shouldnt be… My son just turned two is he to old to see me undressed? its not like I run around naked or anything but he comes in my room when im getting dressed and in the bathroom while im showering… is this inappropriate?

Answer #1

Tbh at the age of 2 is he really gonna notice and look in a pervy way?

And think how much hassle it will cause you trying to hide from him when ure trying to get dreesed , it would be really ahrd as you cn see through doors so when ure in your bedroom getting dressed (hiding frm ure little boy) he could be in your medicine cubour or whatea. its up to you but I think that as long as you stop at a reasonable age its finne. x

Answer #2

Well at the age of two they are very impressionalbe. Keep that in mind. Its not somthing that is going to hurt him but he may pick up on it as a habbit.

Answer #3

He’s too old when he starts to point out the differences in the two of you. Whenever he starts to question why his body is different then yours you know he is too old. Until then it’s fine.

Answer #4

Four is an age to start keeping your clothes on. As for a two year old it is ok.

Answer #5

no, he’s only two it’s not a problem. maybe like 4…you don’t want him saying anything when he’s in kindergarden. we all heard the “my mommy…” jokes

Answer #6

4 and up

Answer #7

nope…he’s only two, its fine…but stop at like 4 or around then


Answer #8

No but I would suggest you stop when he is old enough to comprehend these things (:

Answer #9

Nope! When he gets about 4 then it would be, he’s too young to notice anything like that this young.

Answer #10

its up to you. and I highly doubt when he enters school that they main subject would be “ I saw mommy naked!!” my little brother is six and he showers with my dad, and my brother and I both occasionaly see my mom.

I dont see anything wrong with it, its the parents choice.

Answer #11

no he is 2 and that is not anything but stp around 4 because he could go to school talkin bout that stuff and he can get in a lot of trouble.


Answer #12

Every household is different and it depends on your over all comfort level with nudity as separate from sexuality. Personally, I couldn’t give a toss as I grew up in a clothing optional house and a body’s just a body.

As an adult I tend to take my cues from those around me on the level of comfortable exposure and sometimes you’d be surprised. I’ve stayed with people who’re outwardly very conservative and yet would be perfectly comfortable for the whole family pad around in various states of dishabille prior to breakfast, while other seemingly liberal individuals have had terrible body issues.

If you and your partner are both comfortable about it, then carry on. Just field any questions with aplomb. You’ll do him a favour in the long run. I firmly believe it’s healthy to see normal bodies in a non-sexual way. I think it makes us much more tolerant of ourselves and others.

Answer #13

My little brother (whose 5 now) has taken showers by himself since he was 4 I believe. He used to take showers when he was 1-3 with mom, dad, and me and my sister. Just whoever was showering when it was time for him to get in. Its not innappropriate for your own children to see their parents naked. Growing up in a one bathroom home, it happened quite frequently to me and all my siblings. Of course they are going to ask, “whats that” you explain to them, girls have this and boys have this.

Answer #14

Gees your his mother hes not to old, My mother use to shower with me till I was like 8 Nothing wrong with that, I still see her tatters sometimes, and I dont care at all!! I dont think it matters at all if you want to be open with your son, Im very close with my mom and hide nothing shes my boyfriend, I think 2 is nothing wrong with that he wont remeber nothing … But hes a boy I dunno about that but I think your fine for now. even if he dose notice a change, I know people who still breast feed kids till there like 3 4 … I know thats pretty old but … I think there is nothing wrong with that.

Answer #15

thank you people I just wanted to ask because it was a topic me and my man were discussing and I wanted outside advice!!

Answer #16

no, but people keep saying 4 when really it’s 3. when they turn three, they’re more adventurous then ever, and notice lot’s of things. I take a child care class, and take care of 22 little 2 3 and 4 years olds. 3 is old enough.

Answer #17

In my own humble opinion…

Psychologists tell us that you would not even ask the question unless you felt uncomfortable about the situation, or that something was possibly wrong with the situation to begin with as you think about it.

But, that thought aside… what is the “eventual” outcome that you want for the situation? Not for your child to see you undressed? … then what is wrong with starting out that way ? The longer the permissive situation goes on… the more difficult it may be for you to break old habits as the child turns 3, 4, or 5… or whatever age you choose.

Unless you have a logical reason for your child to see you undressed to begin with, then I personally feel that to permit a child to do so up to a certain age… and then tell the child that it is no longer permissible… well, …that may institute some issues that are a little more complex later on that you will also have to deal with.

…something to think about anyway.


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