Is he old enough

Ok so my moms friend has 4 sons and 5 daughters Josh 5 Derec 9 Damon 11 Weston 4 Carrie 10 Sarisha 12 Leagh 2 Erica 3 Hollie 12
They all have a myspace email and a funadvice account They are too young I want to confront the mom My friend sanya says not to Even the 2 year old has a myspace that she shares with 3 year old erica What should I do

Answer #1

I think that for now, you should just try and find out what sites they go on and are members with, if you think that one or more sites they go on are dangerous or inappropriate then you should mention it to their mum or tell your mum and ask what you should do, maybe your mum could help. Hope this helps. :)

Answer #2

I would tell anyway.. and if they do theaten you just mess with them back

Answer #3

I BABY SIT THESE KIDS josh and carrie talked to a guy named jono and he was saying naughty things they said if I tell the mom they would tell the mom I tried to hurt them and abused them they are young and they know all the cuss words hello!!! what should I do

Answer #4

is their mom ok with it ? if so , it is none of your business

Answer #5

Well on funadvice report their names to an advisor or thedude. they will delete their accounts. on myspace they should have somewhere that you can report them (though from what I can tell it would be pretty hard to do) although when you first make a myspace account someone named Tom becomes your friend. You could report them to him.

Answer #6

lol that is cute that they all have myspace. Everyone under 10 a least is too young.

Answer #7

give us the funaccount names that are underage- and they’ll be deleted.

Answer #8

tell the mum

Answer #9

btw hi im punksk8rgirl, girlysk8rchicks sister

Answer #10

Look,dude,im 13,right. So you can ignore this if you want. But,man,its their life.Its their fault if the kids turn out wrong or are bullied.Plus,its your moms friend,not really urs,so I wouldnt go confronting her.But then again,a 2/3 year old…

Answer #11

I think it’s perfectly fine for the children to have facebook. most likely the mom only lets the youngest ones have one so she can show off the cute pictures of them. it really is there family and I don’t think you should butt in. however, maybe you could hint around with them mom. say things like…[make sure to do it casually and nicely]

“Wow, they have facebook ALREADY? They’re pretty young.”

“I just had a long talk with my mom about internet safety. you really have to be careful, don’t you?”

I would also like to say: Follow your heart. If the page looks unsafe, speak up. but if you’re just being nosy, shut up. or maybe leave and anonymous note in their mailbox if you feel uncomfortable talking to her face to face about these issues.

:] good luck. you sound very considerate of other people. :]

Answer #12

well you can’t do much a bout this realy there not your family but a persinaly opinion is that any one over the age of 9/10 is allowd it and should be keeped an eye on sould not be some thing that you should be afraid of its an enjoyable sight x

Answer #13

ya sis yes, allison is my sis every one

Answer #14

well show her some of the posibilities of what can happen with a 2year old and 3 year olds kid nappings cause a computer whiz can crack codes and figure out things that you dont want figured out and also kids could get raped. so get proof of theese possibilties and show her them that will show her the dangers of myspace and funadvice.(:alisha answere my question please (:

Answer #15

ask your mom first, then ask the older children something like arent you annoyed your little siblings have a myspace account also, arent you worried they could be followed, or have you heard what they said on the news about kidnapping shildren with young myspace accounts?… asides from those theres not much you can do with out being rude.

Answer #16

hmmm…well first off they’re too young to be here at this website…report them immediatly…you really should tell the mother that myspace is no place for such young children and if she wants to show off pictures she really should have a special section for them on her page…not their own.

I personally feel anyone under the age of 12 really shouldn’t be on myspace…11 or 10 maybe…but not younger…

Answer #17

personally, if I was looking after children who knew how to ‘threaten’ me, I’d be busy next time she needed help…

you can, of course, report them on funadvice, however, that doesn’t stop them having access to other sites which are more dangerous since they are less restricted..

they are not your responsibilty, as it stands, she isn’t doing anyting illegal (as such) however, she is behaving very unresponsibly…I have a 10 year old, and I very much limit his internet access, if at all…

at that stage, can they really use it? as in, articulate questions info etc?

don’t be defensive, but wow! what a great mum! not! she should focus on spending more actual time with her children instead of letting the internet do it :(

I’m sorry, but I just thin there are so many wierdo’s out there that can take advantage of children, I just don’t understand when parents put thir children in an easy target postion..

if you really don’t agree, you should say ‘ no I can’t look after the children anymore, they have threatened to accuse me of things if I tell you about some of the sites and people they go onto and talk about, I’m only looking out for them, and this is how I get repaid”

I have to say though,I don’t fancy your chances of getting much of a response (little ones freely allowed on the internet :( )

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