Is having a mixed baby bad?

Im 15 pregnant and im going to have a mixed baby. My parents hate that and my ex friends are sayin that thats bad and that it’ll be hard for the hild growing up. What are your thoughts on it?

Answer #1

haha thanks and by the way I dont care either..a baby is beautiful and everyone is equal..I was just wandering what some people thought. :)

Answer #2

My little 1year old boy is half white british and half black african and he is the most amazing, beautiful, funny, clever little boy. I was faced with a bad reaction from certain family members on finding out I was pregnant to an african man, some comments made were borderline racist, but now TJ’s here, everyone is eating their words!!! I think, because I come from a village of all white people, their is a lot of ignorance and people need to learn. It’s about time people opened their eyes and faced equality.. black, white, man or woman.. we all breath the same air.. so why is it that people still raise it as a “problem”. I remember my friend asking me what is it’s “my baby” chances? (of been born black or white) and I remember thinking, “its not an illness” .. complete ignorance. I never questioned what skin colour he would be born with. As it was he was born whiter than me, everyone fell in love with him, he’s now 1 and his skin has darkened a lot.. people won’t stop loving him for it, because now they see him as TJ not as a label “black baby” “white baby” … he’s just TJ. So don’t worry and ignore the comments now because from the very first moment that you hold your baby, black or white .. you’ll love it with all your heart and other peoples opinions will mean nothing. Your young, but believe me, you’ll find your mothering instincts and all that matters from now is that YOU love your baby for who he or she is.. aslong as it has you, thats everything, it needs nothing more.


Answer #3

well first and foremost… it’s too late to change your mind now. I think your family will get over it, they are probably still shocked about you having a baby in the first place.

the truth is… It will be harder to have a mixed baby because of what society thinks.. and only because of what they think. Your baby will always be the victim of racist people’s stares and remarks.

But you know what? lots of mixed people do fantastic. it doesn’t make them any less of a person, it doesn’t give them any less rights or anything like that. The “bad” part is that your family, and parts of society, have a hard time dealing with your baby’s happiness, and his ability to be fantastic despite what they think.

besides, in this day and age, everyone is mixed anyway. white people are mixed irish and english, black people can be mixed african and dominican, nearly 80% of americans claim to be a mix of some kind of indian and irish. Seriously, who cares anymore? People just like to give other people a hard time. It’s because they’re jealous, or just angry people… you can tell them to mind their own business.

Answer #4

ignorant people are very racist, without meaning to be sometimes. I’m mixed and, yes, it shouldn’t really matter to you what they say. Having a child, regardless, is not a bad thing. Whether their black, white, mexican, or any other race. Mixed children often are more attractive, and tend to grow up and be very productive in their society. Truth is, we’re all mixed in a way. We’re not all pure races, trust me, I’m a tri-bred child, LOL! Just take your child as a blessing and make him proud of his ethnicity, she/he will love you for it. My mother and father always allowed me to claim all my races proudly and now I’m a happier person, because I do. Matter fact, mix children seem to get along in society much better, because they can relate to more than one race. There will be some hard times, though, your child will get teased, but don’t take that in to account. Just love him/her and accept them. Your the one who first determines whether you will accept the child or not. Keep that in mind.

Answer #5

I think you sould do whats best for you and your child. Its not a bad thing at all!!!

Answer #6

not saying anything is wrong with mixed children, but they do get treated different

Answer #7

I think its absolutely fine but what do you think?

Answer #8

I dont thing having a mixed baby is wrong. why is it wrong?is your family racist? where I live at having a mixed baby is the thing to do. allot people feel like mixed babies will be better, I dont know why people say all these wierd things

Answer #9

girl dont wonder that foolish stuff. just think about your baby. I just had a baby 4 months ago. but your 15 my goodness your a baby

Answer #10

It’s completely fine,if you mean mixed race,yea nothing is wrong with that,I’m mixed. Don’t listen to what they’re telling you about that race.

Answer #11

they arent racist they just think its not good…I dont understand why they think that I guess back then if you were white your baby was white lol

Answer #12

I see nothing wrong with you having a bi-racial baby, I do have a problem with you having a baby at 15 that society will end up paying for. We are all mutts.

Answer #13

No race, colour, sex or religion is bad and you or who everelse thinks that is silly. Having any kind of baby is beutiful. why would you worry about what others think. When you have your baby im sure that will b the last thing on your mind. Not everyones going 2 accaept mix babies couples, maragies, but who gives a FU*!K !! Sorry thats just how I feel about that. you have your beautiful mix baby! : )

Answer #14

why get pregnant so young?

Answer #15

my best friends were mixed… nothing wrong with that… having a baby at 15… well that’s just idiotic, selfish, and no one idiotic or selfish should be having a child…

Answer #16

the fact that your 15.. is bad because you have your life a head of you. I’m 15 and I thought I wanted to have a baby but I realized its to soon so im waiting but having a mixed baby is perfectly fineee.

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