Is eyebrow piercing painful?

does eyebrow piercing hurts? because, my friends said that eyebrow piercing hurts more then your lips. does it?

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nope! it doesn't hurt at all.. I'm good with piercings but seriously, there wasn't any pain involved with that one

and about leaving marks.. yes they can esp. if they reject, so if it looks like its coming out of your skin just take it out right away or else it will scar. but if you take care of it then you should be alright :)

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Never felt a thing with mine, had a bit of a black eye the next day but thats it lol x

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NO i just had myne done on sat.! The clamp was tight enuff that i barely felt the needle go threw. The clamp was a tight pinch but Just breath! Then I felt the needle go threw but it didnt feel bad, It just felt like sumthing was going threw skin But odlly it wasnt painfull at all! :P

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its may don't hurt you at that time, but believed me soon it will give bad effect to your eyesight since its locate near to your eye and may disturb your eyes nerve, so it is adviceable not to do so if you care about your future.

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It depends where you get it done. But the main concept to take in, is that you'll never get rid of the mark it leaves behind.

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No, eyebrow piercings do not hurt more than lips or less.. it is about the same feeling as the lips. However it is a different place on your face so it may have a different feeling of pain.. sharp, dull, piercing pain etc. However eyebrow piercings do look good but they do leave a scar afterwards, have to maintain the eyebrow shape to fit it and can droop with age.

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does eyebrow piercing leaves marks? what kind of marks? and will a portion of my eyebrow hair be gone?

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no because i do and it dont cost a lot of $ because im rich

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yes...oh god yes. bleeding will insue, people will be injured, and many deaths.

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NOOO it jus feels like a pinch and you look koool afterwards =]

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