is Caffine a drug

is it really a drug and what are the effects of it besides hyper

Answer #1

It is a drug. I get bad withdrawel symptoms if I drink more that 2 cups of coffee a day. Also caffeine makes you stay awake and can increase irritability.

Answer #2

Caffine is a drug. It is a stimulant which is why you feel more awake when you drink it. It is a legal drug so it is mostly harmless but with all things if you have to much of it, it can be bad for you.

Answer #3

It is a drug… anything that chemically alters normal bodily functions is a drug really…

Answer #4

Sign and Symptoms of Caffeine Intoxication or abuse

nervousness headache increased heart rate anxiety upset stomach irregular heartbeat irritability GI irritation elevated blood pressure agitation heartburn increased cholesterol tremors diarrhea nutritional deficiencies insomnia fatigue poor concentration depression dizziness bed wetting.

Answer #5

while many of you spoke of loss the side effects of coffee… it is also a great weight loss device, as it speeds your metabolism up.

Answer #6

oh cause my friend said that if you crush it into a powder and snort it that you can get high for like a minute or 2

Answer #7

I’ve heard it stunts your growth.

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