Is 16 a special birthday?

Your 16th is a special birthday isn't it? I want to do something total good for once and my mum is like no you can't do anything total special because your 16th isn't a BIG deal unlike your 18th and 21st...I think it is a big deal.

Its so annoying. 16th is like you finally growing up and being able to do stuff that you couldnt do before and being classed as an adult and yet im not allowed to do anything BIG for my birthday :(

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It's certainly a special Birthday 'Sweet 16' !! - in a lot of families that's the age you're allowed to start dating, but not considered an adult until 18 - Hope you have one Great Birthday !!

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I live in austria, and every teenager is looking so forward to it, because with 16 we can legally buy alcohol (only vine and beer) and zigarretes, but the best is that with 16 we can go into discos, bars etc, because alcohol we get at every festival, even if you are only 13

our driving lisence we get with 18, a few with 17

so 16 and 18 is the best

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I think 16 is special birthday but then In my house all birthdays are special and a great excuse for a party.

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16th birthday brings you the begin of choosing options. life is about choosing options and now you can start to decide what to do. at 16 everyone should be more mature..

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depends,if you american,yes,if you spanish like mwuahhsz(well 1/2 at least) its 15.

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traditionally, a girl's sixteenth birthday is when a girl turns into a young woman getting ready to take her big steps in thw world. Some families though dont follow the traditional way and think that 21 IS A BIG birthday because you are basically legal to do anything. Reasearch stuff about sweet sixteens and show your mom, come up with some sort of an agreement, tell her that you would like to go traditional. If that doesnt work, when the big 21 comes around be super demanding and take advantage, tell your mom "oh, you shouldnt have made me wait." lol.

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16 is a special birthday, sweet sixteen, yeah its not classed as an adult but its like your first special birthday and you should definitely do something special, I celebrated mine because it was special, I know it's soppy but tell your mom to listen to Hilary Duff - sweet sixteen, she says about how its special. your going out into the world and it's the age where you begin to make adult choice, and you start fully growing up and maturing for your 18th, when you celebrate as an actual adult.

As around friends if they have had special 16ths, and tell your mom that all of your friends have had special 16ths.

hope this helps!

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I think your sixteenth birthday is a huge deal. For my sweet sixteen I'm throwing a halloween party and everybody has to dress up in costumes. It's also going to be at a hotel instead of my house.
But also at the age of sixteen your allowed to get your temps ,which also means it's time to start asking your parents for a car!!!

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18 is when you are classified as an adult.
my sweet sixteen wasn't a big deal to me other than being able to drive. Any birthday should be special. Not just a certain age.

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yess SWEET 16, its saposed to be SWEET. so do somthing SWEET and cool it saposed to be yer last birthday that will be a night to remember!!!

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yeah 16th is one of the biggest!!!
usally it's your 1st, 10th, 16th, and 21st!!!
I say convince them into letting you have one!!!

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I think your 16th bday is special your sweet 16 but legally you cant do anynthign fun fun...

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its supposed to be, but mine wasn't.

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