Who do you think is the most irritating celebrity?

Answer #1

I don’t find anyone really “irritating”. But I think Paris Hilton takes stupid & annoying to a whole new level.

Answer #2

ronaldo footy player tht plays for real madrid, or justin bieber lol

Answer #3

SNOOKIE! If she is even considered a celeb, which I think she is seeings as she had her own ball drop on New Years and she is on “tv”….lol

Answer #4

Omg, agreed!

Answer #5

can not agree more….she has her own halloween costume! As if she doesnt dress for halloween everyday anyway.

Answer #6

Justin Bieber…. bleh!

Answer #7

Paris Hilton says that bees frighten her. I bet the rest of the alphabet does too.

Paris Hilton has been denied entry to Japan. I think it’s unfair. No one has ever been denied entry to Paris

What’s the difference between Paris Hilton and the Titanic?

Less people went down on the Titanic

Answer #8

i think Real Madrid should have gone to a brothel

You can get a greasy cun.t there for much less than £80m

Answer #9

teehee iv given him enough hate tonight ><

Answer #10

Right!! I seen that and I LOL’d because the girl modeling it was about 5’8 and 90lbs. hahaha…

Answer #11


and i love her! (: well i love the show Jersey Shore. She’s so cute because she’s so much like a little kid!

Answer #12

well minus the going to clubs and etc.

Answer #13

The Kardashians. They don’t deserve to be famous really, just their step dad is rich

Answer #14

no player is worth tht unless ur a small talented argintine

Answer #15

omg i know right! just a family of strippers in my opinion

Answer #16

lol yeah

Answer #17


Answer #18


Answer #19

F-u-c-k-i-n-g Snooki

Answer #20

I agree with everyone!!!! but the one i can’t stand the MOST, is Paraz Hilton (not the girl, the pathetic fat pink haired F**k!)

Answer #21

Megan Fox.

Answer #22

Snookie, the whole jersey shore cast. Joan collins.

Answer #23

In Australia, it would have to be either Shane Warne, or Nicole Kidman.

Answer #24

miley cyrus. man i can NOT stand her. i honestly wish i could falcon kick her in the face

Answer #25

I forgot about them. Yeah, I consider them to be “Celebrity Hoodratz.”

Answer #26

Sorry Ladies, I just can’t find the humor in a show based on overpaid alcoholics & drama queens. It’s a senseless show. The whole jersey shore cast is overrated, overpaid & most irritating.

Answer #27

KANYE WEST. I hate his whole attitude, and have even before the whole Taylor Swift thing.

Answer #28

Miley Cyrus… enough said

Answer #29

Miley Cyrus and the Kardashians.

Answer #30


Answer #31

Too be honest i think all celeberities too some degree are irritating but in some ways its not even their fault notice the people you all mentioned are always in the news because they tried to live their somewhat normal lives and f**ked up somehow and now paparazzi wont leave them alone so they can catch every moment…..i dont blame celebs i blame the stupid stalkers and paparazzi for blowing them up bigger….leave them alone…..they are people tooo MEW~~~~ =^w^=

Answer #32


Answer #33

I <3 kanye west!!! wth do you mean his “attitude”???

Answer #34

Kanye West is gonna interrupt his funeral…

“Yo, Patrick Swayze, I know you just died and all and I’m gonna let you finish… But Michael Jackson’s Death was the best one this year.”

Answer #35

Chuck Norris won an award today.

Kanye West sat politely in his seat.

Answer #36

I’m thinking of dressing up as Kanye West this Halloween. When the kids knock on my door and as soon as they are about to shout Trick or Treat, I’m gonna jump out the bushes and say, “Christmas is better.”

Answer #37

My friend was saying how he thinks Megan Fox is the hottest thing ever.

He obviously hasn’t bit straight into a fresh McDonald’s apple pie.

Answer #38

Nicole Kidman has given birth to a girl and decided to call her Sunday Rose.

No matter what you call her love, she’ll still go through life as “ginger

Answer #39

Has anyone else noticed that Miley Cyrus looks an awful lot like Hannah Montana?

Answer #40

Last night my wife reminded me that it was our daughters birthday today and told me to go get her something. She also asked if i could get her a box of tissues because our son had a cold and some lube for later. So i popped off to the store and found my daughter a Miley Cyrus concert dvd, to which i took up to the counter along with the lube and a box of tissues.

Safe to say i am never going back there again…

Answer #41

The latest from Jersey Shore is that Snooki is going to invest some of her time into GTL.

Gym Tan Lose some weight

Fat cow

Answer #42

The latest from Jersey Shore is that Snooki is going to invest some of her time into GTL.

Gym Tan Lose some weight

Fat cow

Answer #43

i see your point but anyone in particular wana hear good joke about? teehee i have the best site!

Answer #44

My doctor made me quit ‘keeping up with the Kardashians’ after my 3rd STD.

Answer #45

right peeps there u are, iv given most of u guys some jokes from that site, any other ppl u hate just leme know r if u wana a general joke about a subject ill give u the site so u can check it out for yourself

Answer #46


Answer #47


Answer #48

Ha ha! Totally agree with you, there, hon! :P JB is ANOYING!!! His fans are dropping cos he’s finally hitting puberty and his voice is getting deeper and squeekey.

Answer #49

O my gosh really? That’s weird. They could be twins: Equally annoying attitude, whiney music, kick-butt father, and pretty much everything from their cheap nose-job to their lac of following the rules. All that except for the hair. (Oh, did you know Miley Cyrus did a pole dance at the kids’ choice awards? Man, NOT a good example to set for kids!!!)

Answer #50

Thank you!!!

Answer #51

In the name of honesty I think Justin Bieber should change his last name to Barrassing.

What’s worse than finding a Justin Bieber CD in your son’s bedroom? Finding a box of tissues next to it.

Puberty is going to hit Justin Bieber like a train. Then hopefully a train will hit Justin Bieber like a train.

So the new Justin Bieber movie is rated a 12.

That’s gonna be embarrassing, not getting into your own film.

Just asked my barber for a Justin Bieber haircut. Fuking tw@t just shaved my pubes off

Some legends say we must sacrifice Justin Bieber to appease the volcano

here are just a few i like ^ teehee enjoy good friedn there are plent more where that came from tho

Answer #52

Wow. JB, he’s just…UGH!!! His voice is so annoying and all he ever sings about is his love, and if you listen closely, you can sing all his songs to basically the same tune. Baby, baby, baby, SHUT UP!!! WE HEARD YOU THE FIRST TIME!!! I feel bad for the girls he goes out with! Teehees! You called me good friend. :)

Answer #53

teehee indeed, he hasnt even been in love he is 5 for christ sake, gosh i just wana give him my balls coz if i dont he will never have any

Answer #54

Astoria, watch his interview with Matt Lauer on YouTube. That should pretty much give you a clue about his attitude. The whole George bush doesn’t care about black people thing, plus this madness: http://funadvice.com/r/14tn86454nm

He’s just so conceited, arrogant, and annoying to me.

Answer #55

OMG shakira!! She has a squeaky voice and its rully wobbly!! And plus shes always a mess. Thats my opinion :P

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