How do you show an irish accent while typing?


I am typeing a story, and a character has a Irish accent.

I can have a Irish Accent, but, it is difficult typeing one out...

Can anyone help me please?

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LMFAO speakingand typing are to different things but if you rirish certain words you say if you have an accent mite sound different thus making the spellingdifferent for instince lets see I sometimes have accents on my words since im abit english so was would com outtwas and mom would be mum its all the way you pronounce it lmfao k idlike to read your book ^^ send me pages k hope I helped ^^

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well im 100% irish and I moved to australia ... now I tot nutin of me accent until I came ova ere and everyone started sayin listen to er accent ...
apparently I dpnt pernounce TH I say der insted of there
and I say turty 4 thirty and stuff
ya no
so yer we don't pernounce th or t at all

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omfg dats not an irish accent?!?!

look, i dont know where you're from, wakynaty, but i am quite effended seeing that i AM truly and utterly irish.

anyway, there's many types of irish accents' just depends on what you want to write

there's the dublin 4 posh - riosh lads, come oin now, loike

and naker - ri howaya? (dont pronounce t's)

and... well, NORMAL irish accent is very tough to speak and write because nowadays it not lyk you see in the movies

not leprehauns and shamrocks and 'gone out to get potaytoes!"!"!

just chose the above and you'll be grand!


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I'm Irish, but I try to use good english skills when typing.

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Short answer would be you can't really.... but if you're going to try I suggest listening to us talk and then try to type it... you'll probly need a lot of vowels and 's... Here's a sample piece of two people "talking" in my town:

1:Yes lad what's the craic?
2:Awe none sir, just out gettin' some stuff fr the dinner, y'know yerself.
1:Aye sure I'm out every day o' the week gettin' stuff. Ye for out thenight?
2:Na sir, I'm wrecked after that hurlin' yesterday. Any'hin good on?
1. Aye ah 'hink that band from out past mcgeehans is playin'
2. Jesus aye, they're a good aul bunch, might go sure.
1. Right lad, might see ye out. Chat t' ye later
2. Aye gud'luck sir.

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I second pretty much what all others is said, but I'd like to accentuate, emphasize, stress, punctuate, a point one of them raised: If it is set in the Middle Ages, really unlikely your character may have been an English speaker no matter the reason. There were anglophone settlers inside Ireland before the modern period of time (though, as others thought, their English was varies greatly from modern English) and also Irish people who could communicate English, but they were a somewhat small minority until the early on modern period. Essentially, unless of course it's very clear that your figure is part of the anglophone section and you have her speak specific Middle English, then anything you end up with is going to be no much better than depicting Caesar with an unoriginal Italian accent.

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