is 118 a good score on an IQ test?

is 118 a good score on an IQ test?

Answer #1

Well, IQ is not everything. My IQ is 140 or 141, something like that, and let me tell you, till I started taking college, life was miserable. If the smartest people were the ones venerated, and not the sports players(most of whom I could still kick their buts), things would be ideal, like on that IQ career chart shown earlier. But because of the way the world is, and always has been, you have dumb people in these great, super-paying jobs that they can barely do, and extremely, intelligent people who are frustrated to the point of suicide because, no matter what they do, it seems they can’t progress up the society or corporate ladder.

Answer #2

For all of you with high online IQ’s LEARN HOW TO SPELL & use proper grammar before you start bragging about how intelligent you are because you’re making yourselves look really foolish!

Don’t believe an online test. Get tested by a psychologist for an accurate Intelligence Quotient.

Medically tested, scored 128 at age 25 in 2000.

Answer #3

sweeet I got a 131 haha im proud:)

Answer #4

Mine was 134 I think.

And I think how ‘average’ the score is depends a bit on how old you are. For like a 3 year old to have an IQ of 120 is REALLY good, compared to like an older person.

Answer #5

IQ is how much you CAN learn not how much you know. Take a real IQ test and not one off the internet. IQ is just a limit to what you can learn though but it is not just that easy. Because my friend has an IQ of 186 but he dumb as a box of rocks. He can remember the smallest detail but cannot do math or science or anything of that nature without struggling. It is just an overall to what you can learn.

Answer #6

OH ok so I guess mine is zero because I thought IQ changes as you study and develop.

And your IQ does not determin your career.

But IQ is a way of testing the persons intelligens at that time.

The other way is just to call out hei you stupit!! And every one who looks is a littel tara. HAHA

Answer #7

I got 121 on mine and I’m going to be a physician so I think this might be a little off on career aptitude… cause I was a little off of 130. But hey I like the fact that I have a very superior intelligence.

Answer #8

but im not going to be a teacher im going to be a big time rockstar beleive it!!!

Answer #9

I guess…my iq is ok…at the age of 15 which is 118…

Answer #10

IQ and career are irrelevant, you’ll find that MENSA (requiring a score of 130 or better) has members from all walks of life.

Answer #11

im14 and has 139 almost ther and im do college math when im in 8th grade and its too easy im in all honors classes

Answer #12

I got 148 on an online test but it was free so not 100% reliable.

Answer #13

kool i got a 120 on mine im superior intellegent

Answer #14

Yes, it is 18 points above the average.

Answer #15

last time I took 1 I was 12, and it was on the internet. I got 128 in the end.

Answer #16


Answer #17

im 14 and I got 118

Answer #18

your average so yea its ok. :)

Answer #19

Mine is 124. :D

Answer #20

To get one thing straight: IQ does not depend on how old you are, because IQ is measured per age group. I.E. a 4 year old who gets a score of 100 has the average intelligence of a 4 year old and a 43 year old who gets a score 100 has the average intelligence of a 43 year old.

So if you took a reliable test (which means little since few people really believe that IQ means anything, it’s just a number), 118 is a good score because you scored 18 points higher than your average peer.

Answer #21

Doesn’t it?

Answer #22

Depends on age.

Answer #23

Mine is 75 ha! ha! ha! ha! you all should be grateful… no really. I cant help but to have a pity party for myself when I’m reading this stuff

Answer #24

Mine is 75 Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha! you all should be grateful you don’t struggle with the things that I do and all the things that plague my mind… no really you should be grateful

Answer #25

Mine was 120 in Kindergarten [I was 4 when they forced me to take it because that was the only way I could get into school early! ^^]. When I last took one it was last year and it was 125, I think… It’s to be expected though, my mom’s is about 136 and my dad’s is 140-something, I can’t remember. Mine actually went up, that’s funny considering with the way kids are taught today, it’s supposed to go down. It’s supposed to go down as you get older anyway.

Alright, for kicks, I took an online one just now and got 121. But it WAS an internet one, so yeah~

Answer #26

^^ All that seems wrong, on the last national IQ test i took, your mark depended on your age, 120 was average for someone between 13 and 18 or something and it was excellent for someone over 65.

Answer #27

For one, not seeming to put myself down, I can lack common sence every now and then. Even forget what I’m talking about in the middle of a sentence. Your trying to tell me I have “Very superior intelligence” counting on I recieved 122 on my test. But I find an IQ Test to be a sad way of convincing people they are smart or dumb. Technology can’t establish everything in life for us…

Answer #28

what you posted is not so correct. For Real IQ test :

For Statistic studies:

IQ: Mental Age/ Chronological age * 100


“Straight Talk About Mental Tests”, The Free Press, A Division of the Macmillan Publishing Co., Inc., New York, 1981, pg. 12, Dr. Arthur Jensen cites the following four IQ thresholds: (1) An IQ of 50 or below. This is the threshold below which most adults cannot cope outside of an institution. They can typically be taught to read at a 3rd or 4th grade level. However, they cannot normally function in the customary classroom setting, and they require special training programs. (2) An IQ between 50 and 75. At this level of intelligence, they generally cannot complete elementary school. Most adults will need smarter help in coping with the world. (3) An IQ between 75 and 105. Children in this IQ range are not generally able to complete a college prep course in high school. (4) An IQ between 105 and 115. May graduate from college but generally, not with grades that would qualify them for graduate school. (5) An IQ above 115. No restrictions.

For IQs in these ranges, the influence of IQ upon socioeconomic sttus is dramatic. 31% of those with IQs below 75 were on welfare, compared with 8% of those in the 90 to 110 IQ interval, and 0% in those with IQs above 125. 55% of mothers with IQs below 75 went on welfare after the birth of the first child, compared with 12% of those with IQs between 90 and 110, and 1% of those with IQs above 125. Income is highly dependent upon IQ up to an IQ-level of about 125.
Answer #29

anyway, Internet IQ is not 100% true. Cause IQ is calculated by mental age/ chronological age *100 , then just random quiz and questions as them couldnt be suitable for everyone. I mean, you cant do the same questions to a child of 12yrs old and a man of 20, 30 , 40 , 50 years old. This is just a “standardized” test that could be done online in few minutes for every user.

For example: My IQ is 120 ( basis deviance 15 ) ( quite low in my opinion for me ), and I’m going to be an Aerospace Engineer ( “Spacial Eng.” on master’s degree ). I have a photographic memory, it means I can store lot of infos in low time range but it is not important how much is your IQ but how much you train and study !!!

Anyway, there are some kind of intelligence, not only doing logical. There is math, logical intelligence but also humanistic, technical, phylosophic intelligence. I mean, I couldnt be good in logical games but I could be good in Literature, history and phylosophy ( personally I studied it for 3 years from origins to Freud and it is so exciting ).

I hope you understood what I meant. Sorry for bad english but Im Italian and English is only my 3rd Language.

Answer #30

Ranking of IQ scores was developed by Lewis Terman in 1916 as a way of categorizing intelligence levels. The ranking of typical ranges of IQ scores and what they mean are summarized below:

Over 140 - Genius or near genius 120 - 140 - Very superior intelligence 110 - 119 - Superior intelligence 90 - 109 - Normal or average intelligence 80 - 89 - Dullness 70 - 79 - Borderline deficiency Under 70 - Definite feeble-mindedness

The distribution of IQ scores in the world falls along a normal distribution curve, and can be summarized as:

50% of IQ scores fall between 90 and 110 70% of IQ scores fall between 85 and 115 95% of IQ scores fall between 70 and 130 99.5% of IQ scores fall between 60 and 140

Roughly 5% of the population has IQ scores under 70; this is considered the benchmark for mental retardation. On the other end of the scale, only 1% of the population falls in the 135 and above category, which is the benchmark for genius.

What is the relevance of these scores? At best, they measure academic intelligence or the ability to succeed in an academic environment. Many other kinds of intelligence have been discovered and categorized that are not measured by these tests, such as the physical intelligence demonstrated by athletes, and musical/artistic genius. A rough ranking of what each IQ score means occupationally is shown below:

140 Top Civil Servants; Professors and Research Scientists.

130 Physicians and Surgeons; Lawyers; Engineers (Civil and Mechanical)

120 School Teachers; Pharmacists; Accountants; Nurses; Stenographers; Managers.

110 Foremen; Clerks; Telephone Operators; Salesmen; Policemen; Electricians.

100+ Machine Operators; Shopkeepers; Butchers; Welders; Sheet Metal Workers.

100- Warehousemen; Carpenters; Cooks and Bakers; Small Farmers; Truck and Van Drivers.

90 Laborers; Gardeners; Upholsterers; Farmhands; Miners; Factory Packers and Sorters.

There is also considerable evidence that IQ scores can be improved by changes in ones environment, particularly for children. Children who have been read to more often or have been subjected to variety in their environment tend to improve their scores over time.

Answer #31

when I was really young my parents had me tested and the person administering the test said I was some kind of child genius or something. It wasn’t an IQ test but it was kinda like one I guess. My parents didn’t want me to feel weird so instead of putting me in school early they let me go to school with everybody else my age. I recently was given an IQ test by my psychology teacher because he gave me a puzzle to figure out that most of his college students couldn’t do. I did it in 3 seconds and he was convinced I was a genius so he had me tested and I got 182. The funny thing is that they might not even let me back into high school for my junior year. The principal wants to leave me back because I missed a lot of school because I suffer from severe depression and needed to be hospitalized. I find it insane that I’m being left back because I was struggling to cope with mental illness… but that’s off topic. Being a genius is a lonely life.

Answer #32

I once took a full aptitude IQ test at my phycologists office and I recieved a 137 and on this internet one I got a 118. Clearly the doctor did a better job. I also have a straight 4.0 so… yeah.. haha

Answer #33

About 7 years ago on a age of 19 I was tested by a pychologic, I had an IQ of 118. I finished highschool, but the schools after that I couldn’t finish. I believe that people with an IQ of 80 and People with an IQ of 120 are having the same struggle of understanding the people which have an average IQ of 100. Becuase different is the same. I’m very slow in learning, most of the time I got an 8 or 9 (out of 10) for my match tests at school, I made them without mistakes, but I couldnt finish them because I needed too much time. I also believe that people with an more or less IQ that average could have more social problems. Because it’s hard to understood eichother. Then you also get the feeling that you are misunderstood. So I think its why people also could get some more depressed. People with an higher IQ are mostly very good at one or same parts, but the other parts they don’t understand. So there are people with an high IQ with dislection. My english in writng is not that good because I’m from the netherlands, so it’s not what I speak and write every day, I hope you people can read this properly. I believe that IQ has nothing to do with smart or dumb. Its what you with your intelligence that make you smart or dumb. There are people that do more with there IQ of 80 than people with there IQ of 120. It’s what you do that makes what you are!

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