Is international investment smart for 2008?

Do you think international companies is the way to invest for 2008? Many investors beleive that in 2008 those companies which have international revenue could be better off than just national company. What do you think about it?

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Due to the liquidity of the market every stock sells at the price where about half of investors think the stock will go up and half think it will go down.

Unless you have enough time to research industries and stocks enough to know more than everyone else trying to time the market is a loosing proposition (believe you me, I learned the hard way!)

Invest according to your goals and risk tolerance; not based on what stock or sector is predicted to be "hot." Currently 16% of my retirement portfolio is invested in foreign and international investments; this is the same amount that I've invested in this sector all along. I am tempted to up this percentage to take advantage of the weakening dollar but then I remember how much money I lost other times I tried to get clever with my investments.

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