What kind of company is Blue License Holding llc?

What kind of company is Blue License Holding llc?

Answer #1

I received a call at 11:30 at night the other day (a week day). Wondering who was calling me from a strange number at 11:30 at night (to my cell) I did a reverse look-up. Certainly could’ve been a wrong number but I called it back. It rang and rang until a girl’s message came on. Someone’s name I don’t know. I wrote it off. Then yesterday (a couple days after I received the first call) this number called me AGAIN! My VM says my name so if it was a wrong number, after she heard my name she should have known it was a wrong number. So I answered. She had some strange response about “is this…oh, I think I just called the wrong number. I was trying to call my house”. I’m like OK but it was really strange. She was kind of stumbling over her words. Calling her house? What a weird excuse. THEN the number called AGAIN today a little while ago. I answered, it was fuzzy. I said hello a couple of times and then she hung up. On the reverse look-up it says something like wireless. Blue License Holding. Seattle. (It is a seattle number and I live in that area- I have a seattle number). Weird. I finally texted back saying listen, you’ve called me 3 times now. If it’s a wrong number, please fix it. But if you have something you want to say to me or have a question to ask, then do so. Typically, mis-dial’s are a one-time thing…unless it’s someone trying to call a number and is retrying so I get a couple of calls in a row before they say they must have the wrong number.

So I’m reading that this might be some kind of scam by reading a couple of the posts. If that’s true, then I won’t attempt to answer again.

Answer #2

Blue License Holding llc is now AT&T!

Blue License Holding LLC is a holding company of AT&T.

BLH was a subsidiary of Cingular Wireless LCC, holding the FCC wireless radio services licenses to broadcast cellular calls from cell towers.

Cingular Wireless LLC, is now it self a subsidiary of the “new” AT&T.

FCC Doc #DA-06-904A1 lists that BLH is call sign KNKA247, Which originally (1999) was issued to AT&T Wireless Services of Minnesota, Inc.

In 2007 AT&T INC. and BELLSOUTH CORPORATION (then co-owners of Cingular Wireless) transfer of control of Cingular’s wireless radio services licenses to AT&T.

Now in my specific case, I was issued a cell # from “AT&T” when I purchased my iPhone. That # is ‘owned’ by BLH. So it seems as a customer of AT&T, I was assigned a phone # controlled by their subsidiary…

My best guess is that in 1999 (when AT&T was only a Long Distance company), it entered the cell business (as AT&T Wireless Services of Minnesota, Inc.), to complete with the (then) baby bells. And over time that become BLH and moved from AT&T Corp. to BellSouth Corporation, in to Cingular Wireless, LLC and as of 04/04/2007 AT&T Inc.


http://www.secinfo.com/dsVsf.v1e8.c.htm http://www.scribd.com/search?query=%22Blue+License+Holding+llc%22 http://www.fcc.gov/Bureaus/Wireless/Public_Notices/pnwl6055.txt

Answer #3

I have been doing some digging around be because my father is cheeting and this is what I found and and up at a deadend I found BLH number 206 790-9222 and im from there and I called it and found out that I know the parson on the other end (ODD)but what do I do now ? 206 790-9222 is verizon and my dads “Girl Frinds” number is sprint 253 227-5006 so what dose all this mean if you Find some thing out please post it!!!

Answer #4

My wife was being harassed by a Phoenix, AZ phone number via txt message so I had it traced and lead back to this holding company which is pretty much a dead end. I pasted the results below. What other steps can be taken to determine the cell phone carrier? This is very frustrating.

1 Kirk (Last Name Unavailable) Maricopa PhoenixAZ 85003 (480) 363-3634

Phone Company Information: Name and Location:BLUE LICENSES HOLDING, LLC, LA Rate Center:PHOENIX Phone Switch Name: Phone Switch Type:WIRELESS

Answer #5


Well, I found out that it is California-based. I even found the phone number…but it’s hard to tell what the company is. I think maybe it’s a cell phone service provider?

Answer #6

If any of you have any further information that you can provide, it would be appreciated. This is in regards to what your complaints are with this company.

We have Blue License Holding LLC as being in Las Vegas, NV. They are indicated as being involved in a case involving Fraud and Elder Abuse. They should be considered “innocent until proven guilty” however a document was notarized through them and we’re attempting to obtain all information that we can before dropping in for a personal visit to see their books.

I am a newspaper publisher online and this is a published address, so no worries, but if you have any information whatsoever about this company, good things, bad things, any suspected crimes, document dealings, legal instruments (deeds, notarized documents, etc), their management, Attorneys, etc., it would be appreciated.

Answer #7

Also received 3 unsolicited calls in a row from a young child calling from a local area code I found was registered to Blue License Holding. I live in San Diego and learned from the Internet that BLH numbers here are AT&T. My hunch is that since the iPhone is exclusive to AT&T we’ll find more and more younguns touch-screening random numbers everywhere in the country on this most attractive “toy”. Look at the videos on YouTube of these young kids being taught by their parents to “play” with the iPhone.

Answer #8

Well I have a friend who has a cellular number Blue License Holding is the provider and he is from Bakersfield, CA.. So maybe its just a provider from that area.

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Answer #10

I received a phone call from a phone number, which I am beginning to believe is some kind of scam. I did a reverse look up on whitepages and found the number registered to Blue License Holding, LLC in Hawaii. The person on the other end of the phone was a man in England so he said. That was all I could really understand. He called me though because of an email I got and replied to with my home phone number for a Nescafe promo saying that I won a prize. They didn’t ask for any personal info so I gave it a try.

Answer #11

I believe Kappo got the correct answer. I am not receiving any phone calls, but I am looking for a mobile home. In our local paper they have a classified ad for some mobile homes that I wanted to call. BUT, I wanted to know who I was calling first so did a reverse number search on (303) 570-0058. It came up with Blue Licenses Holding, LLC out of Denver, CO. I live in Wyoming and Denver is only an hour from here. SO, I think Blue Licenses is based in Denver, CO and they are a holding company, exactly as Kappo explains.

Answer #12

Friends, Blue Licenses Holding is a holding company. A holding company is a company that exists to hold and sell property for a profit. This can include stocks, intellectual rights, or actual property.

In general terms, when a business identifies itself as a holding company, that is usually business speak to suggest the company does not actually produce anything and is very fluid in nature. In the case of mobile phone numbers, Blue Licenses Holding LLC is the owner of several telephone numbers which it has acquired. Common people do not actually own a telephone number–they license one from their provider. This provider may own the number or may license it from some third party.

It is fairly big in business to purchase blocks of telephone numbers (bulk is always cheaper) and then resale them to providers who do not own large blocks of numbers themselves. This is right up a holding company’s alley and is likely why you are finding so many varied results.

The only requirement in most states is that a corporation own a PO Box in that state. This lets them list that as their physical address and would also help in buying and selling numbers for that state. Likely the numbers you are looking up are owned by Blue Licenses Holding and are licensed or leased to your various mobile service providers. If you are looking for the actual user of the number, you will have to dig deeper and usually have to pay for the records.

Contacting Blue Licenses Holding is not likely to help. They probably won’t give out the information to anyone who asks and even if they do, they can only tell you who they licensed the number to.

Answer #13

I called my sister on my cell phone but did not leave a message. She traced MY cell phone number and was given Blue License Holding llC, Marysville,California. Since I live in the Marysville,CA area and purchased my cell phone from Verizon in this area, I am assuming also that BLH llC is a cell phone service provider.

Answer #14

I called my sister on my cell phone and did not leave a message for her to call back. She traced my number and was told that my number belonged to Blue License Holding llC,Marysville,California. I live in the Marysville,CA area and purchased my phone through Verizon in this area. So, my guess also is that BLH llc is a cell phone service provider of some kind. Hopefully BLH is not giving our MY number all the time when someone searches for their number. A question for prkswilflwr, you said you obtained their phone number. My last 3 digits are 270. Did the number you got end with those same digits? Just curious!!

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