What is a good introduction presentation for obesity?

I am trying to let ppl know obese kids are isolating themselves because of their weight problems.

Answer #1

Obesity & why the younger generation are isolating themselves, from the public eye.. Today’s culture promotes eating habits that contribute to obesity. adolescent teens & kids most likely eat food based on convenience, not nutrition.

Answer #2

agreed. i watched a document that made a good point that some people can’t always afford the good stuff that the convient food at the store is just cheaper to buy, or that time has alot to do with it and its easier to just go through drive thru. I blame the parents of the obese childern because they control what the childern eat. agreed or not?

Answer #3

I agree. It begins with parent who should know better by now.. but are to lazy to cook a nutritional meal..

Answer #4

i know it and i don’t think people understand that sugars and bad foods like that aren’t as bad if you eat them in moderation. but defiiatly agree that more and more parents are concerning themselves more with work and concerning themselves with what there childern are consuming. and to me its kinda sad.

Answer #5

I have to say obesity is a way to deal with issues not a problem with eating! How many obese people do you know or have asked how they really got to that point?

In most cases you’ll find abuse of some sort…neglect..or misconduct from someone in that person’s life. Anyone that has an eating issue always has something to do with some ort of issues they have that are buried deep into them, so far they feel that covering it with food will make it stop…prevent the pain or allow tat person to focus on something else…

If you really want to know why someone is either obese or the exact opposite anorexic, you’ll have to ask one that is…

I grantee you 99.9% that it isnt even their fault they are obese or anorexic…it’s just a cover up! I should know I am one of them…used it to hide my true self so I wouldnt ever get sexually abused ever again…after the 3rd incident is when I began my eating disorder…it doesnt matter what it is…all that matters is the fact that I used it to hide & bury my real issues. Only this year was I able to open up about it…because it finally surfaced…we are all humans and can only take so much…when one goes through the sh!t I have been through…you find something to use to cover it up…make sure your kife changes so drastically that even you yourself cant stomach to look at yourself in the mirror anymore! That is when you finally know that no one else will enough to hurt you ever again! Take it from one that knows & has been there…Done that!!! It’s not their fault…and once they can deal with the pain that lingers deep with in those painful memories only then can one finally find some peace of mind, and can learn to forgive one’s self long enough to learn how to love themselves again. That is also when the eating disorder is no longer necessary! Unfortunately not all people with eating disorders live to find forgiveness in themselves & wind up either getting so thin & weak and cant stop or wind up over eating til they pass away from some illness!

Next time you see an anorexic or obese person please dont judge them or criticize them, make fun of them, or make them feel like less then a person…just imagine the life that person had to go through to get to that state! Try to help if you can or just walk away! :(

Thanks for reading this!

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