Will i get rejected from lowes?

im freaking out guys, I have an interview at lowes today @ 2pm, im scared I might get rejected, becuase of the felony I have in my juvenile record. if you guys know anybody that was in the same situation please help me out here.

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I use to work for a large oil field company. I worked in HR. Most juvenile records are sealed. I know the company I worked for as long as you had a clean record for seven years (from the last day you served your sentance. ) They would hire you if you meet the pre employment requirements. Good luck.

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ill let ya konow im waiting for lowes to call me back its been 2 weeks choice point background check came back wrong on me so I called my hiring office and they said corp. needed more info on me ill write back in a couple days

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I would not worry about it to much. There are many people with felonies in this country and they or most of them have to work. If is your jouvenile record it is sealed after you turn 21(maybe 18) and not able to be accessed.

In any case this is lowes, their background check is probably not an extensive FBI check and they are probably probing the sex offender registry for your name or if you have any outstanding warrants of some type.

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