how can i make my internet work?

my dad has seemed to block the internet on my main computer frm his computer, im using my not very good laptop but is there any way that i can get around my internet block on my main pc? msn still works but my browser (google) dosent so is there any way that i can get the internet to work again?

Answer #1

Your dad most likely has it blocked for a reason, why not show him your responsible and then ask him if you can use the internet. Sneaking behind his back will only get you into more trouble and make you seem irresponsible and disrespectful.

Answer #2

nope i refuse to do that. hes blocked it for no reason and ill sneak behind who’s back i want. all i want to know is how to unblock it so i can do some reasearch and get my comic finished. i dont are if i seem irrisponsible and disrespectful. i dont mean to sound creul and selfish, but i am so thats the way it comes out. and if no one can tell me then i guess ill just have to work harder and find out myself.

Answer #3

Try a different browser first.

Answer #4

how can i do that i cant search for anything i know its only my internet explorere thats been blocked because msn still works

Answer #5

explain exactly whats going on you said “msn still works” do you mean MSN messenger or what is being blocked?

Answer #6

Wow, if you were my kid, you wouldn’t even have a computer with an attitude like that.

Answer #7

well im not your kid and im bloody thankful for that its not so much my attitude as my determination that will make my internet work. im not respectful to my parents because respect has to be earned, just like everything in this god damned life. in the end my parents will be proud of me because im working my hardest to get what i want in life, and to be able to understand my attitude, you have to understand me and the way i think, whitch you do not, because you dont know me so dont come on here talking to me like you know best, when really, you simply just dont understand. i feel sorry for people like you, and yes i know im cynical, sarcastic, and selfish, but thats just what makes me myself

Answer #8

ok so whats happend is my dad now blocked messenger. his blocked my computer directly from the router using my computer adress is there any way i can get around that or am i stuck using this craptop? i mean i just want what im doing to be good quality but i suppose that if i cant use my main computer then ill have to work harder for better quality

Answer #9

if i could download another browser onto my computer then yes it would work but i dont think i could do that with out the internet.

Answer #10

you can simply ask your dad then,maybe?and tell him you have to do some hard work!

Answer #11

Wow….you’re a brat.

Answer #12

um no that wont work, besides i dont need my parents finding out about what im working on, it takes alot of skill, and alot of skill i have, but i dont need them bringing me down on thesubject, or embaressing me about it. either way its my mother who decides when my internet is on, and to be honest shes not the nicest of people, escpecially to her kids

Answer #13

i think the same way about you, i juse keep opinions like THAT to myself, i hope you know it was pointless saying that, it dosent affect my life because i know that you have no idea why im like this. if i was a brat id be a horrible ungreatful cow who wants everything handed to her on a plate, not a hard working person whos trying to do the best for herself even with the type of parents i have. calling me a brat just gives whole new meaning to the word, ive been dishing you out facts simply because some of the time, i dont belive in emotions.

to be honest you had no place saying that about me, you know nothing but the slightest bit of information about me, i guess thats partly my fault for only telling you my bad qualites, but partly your fault for assuming im always like this, no today is one of those days, tommorow i might be completely different, but in the end i am who i am and i couldnt care less what someone like you would think of me.

Answer #14

Simply put, if you were MY child, seeing how strict I can be at times, you’d be lucky to even have your own room. If your going to be THAT disrespectful towards your parents, and even the administrator(s) of FunAdvice, you don’t even deserve to have a profile on this blessed website.

Your lucky you even have a computer, most kids that DREAM of stuff like that only get to see pictures of a machine and nothing closer to the actual thing. Talk back to me, but you WON’T talk back to an admin! You should be happy they haven’t disabled you for being a brat towards the advisor and admin.

If your dad took your internet away, he must have a very good reason, and truly, you don’t deserve to have it back until you can straighten up your attitude, better shape up or he’ll take something else much more valuable from you away.

Being rude and disrespectful WON’T help you in any way in this life, especially not at a good paying job, not on here, and certainly not anywhere else in this world.

Answer #15

see i can underrstand if i have said something wrong on here but you have NO PLACE calling me a brat. that just makes it personal. to be honest i get what i can get if i want something then ill work to get it, and thats what you dont underrstand, remove me from this site if you must, i wouldnt care and to be honest, in my opinion i dont think she should be an admin if shes going to call people brats, to be honest im careful who im rude or disrespectful to, and it dosent make any differnce to me weather im nice to the people on here or not. as for the people who dont have all of this stuff i cant do much for them until i have my own personal life sorted out thank you very much.

i hope you know that im in a band whos planning to make songs about the unfourtunate, and do you know what my comics about? i need the internet to make things happen. but no people have to assume things. and they have to be mean. all i wanted was to know how i can get my internet back.

besides im not as selfish as you think. i found out that i had a twin that died and everything i do i do to make up for their loss of life. anyone who calls me a brat is personally insulting a dead soul. i only have one life, so i dont regret anything ive said. i shouldnt see why you care so much about my attitude, it changes all the time.

Answer #16

Okay, i know your not gonna like it but your best chance is asking,.you can go to a friends house and use there computer. or you can go to public libary and use that. And Why is it you cant just use the laptop your on to use funadvice now?

Answer #17

i have special programs and things on my main computer that help me with what im doing, also its alot faster and i cant use any other computers because im on the computer from 6pm to 2am working on things

Answer #18

If you’re intelligent enough, you can go on his computer and allow access to yourself again. You could also try resetting the modem. Chances are, if he blocked your “address” then he blocked himself too because you’re both on the same IP.

How are you able to come here if he blocked you? Are you sure he didn’t just disable your connection to your main computer? If you’re running wireless, then just re-install the adapter.

Also, if you have ‘special’ programs that are on your main computer, then I’m sure they have an offline version as well. xP Very few ‘special’ softwares require the internet so you can just draw your comics offline. Or you could search your stuff on the laptop you’e on now, and then just transfer it onto your main when you get it back.

Hope this helped. One more thing, please don’t talk back tot he admins. They’re well respected and if they took the time to read this, then you should give them respect for CARING about you. I don’t mean to offend you, but you’re over 13 years old. Act like you are at least. -.-

Answer #19

the information was the best on here but about me talking back to admins - ive already apologised but she had NO RIGHT calling me a brat, they should keep their opinions to themselfs, its like she thinks she can say that cuz shes older. i want you to say no more on the subject as people are just closed minded towards me because of my age.

Answer #20

It was the way you were talking to her advisor.

Answer #21

like i said, ive apologised. what i said STILL dosent make it right for her to personaly insult me like that - no matter what my age. are you closed minded and cant stand a 13 year old is making a point or can you just not understand what im saying?

Answer #22

i apologise for making my points in such a cynical way, and i can assure you that, that behaviour is me at my most immature, and hopefully it wont happen again.

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