How could I get internet, if I got a new lap top?

I have an old desktop right now, with internet. (cable, phone, internet bundle). I am planning on buying a lap top later on. It will have wi-fi. When I get it, will it pick up the internet from my other computer, or would I have to go somewhere like a library or cafe or something?

How can I get internet on my lap top, like I have on my desktop…without having to get another internet provider and all that to hook it up. I want internet on my lap top, and on the desktop at the same time.

How can I do that, and what all do I need?

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Do you have a wireless network? If so, you should be able to connect it to your current wireless connection, but if you don’t have wireless, you’ll have to hook it up directly to the modem using a router so both computers are online at once.

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See if you internet provider has Wireless internet. I know AT&T does.

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I am not sure if I have a wireless network. I have Charter bundle. How can I get a router, and how much?

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You can buy a router at any place like Future Shop or Radio Shack…they aren’t generally too expensive…starting at maybe $30 and up

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You just buy a router, connect it to your modem, and you’re good to go. Your laptop will very likely have wireless.

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The lap top will have wireless, I am just not sure if I can pick up anything in my house. I just wanted to know if it would pick up from my desktop that has internet.

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Determine whether the laptop has a built-in wireless Internet card. If the laptop already has wireless capabilities, skip to Step 3. On a PC, click “Start” and click on “Control Panel.” Go to the Network control panel. Microsoft Windows will list any network cards if they have been installed on the laptop. On a Mac, click the wireless icon in the top menu bar. If the icon is disabled, a wireless card has not been installed on the laptop.

Install a wireless Internet adapter. Major wireless network manufacturers, such as D-Link, Belkin and Netgear, sell USB adapters that instantly add wireless Internet capabilities to a laptop by simply plugging the USB adapter into the computer’s USB port. Using a USB adapter is typically easier to install than opening up the laptop casing and installing a wireless card. A link to reviews of wireless USB adapters is in the Resources section at the end of this article.

Activate the wireless capabilities on the laptop. On a PC, click the “Start” menu and click “Control Panel.” Navigate to the Network control panel. In the Wireless tab, select an open wireless network and click “Connect.” Save yourself time in the future by setting your preferences to have the laptop connect to an open network automatically. On a Mac, click the Apple icon in the top menu bar and select “System Preferences.” Click “Network” and select an open wireless network. The laptop will now connect to this wireless Internet network.

Secure the wireless network if you own and operate the network you are currently using. This will require you to access the control panel of your wireless router. Typically, the control panel can be accessed by typing the IP address for the router into your Web browser. Most routers use the IP address, but you may need to consult the manufacturer’s manual as each wireless router is different. Turn on encryption and password-protect the wireless network so only your laptop can access the network.

Answer #9

Uhm no. It wont. The desktop does not send out internet. The router will connect to your modem. The router will then send out a wireless signal so you can get internet. I dont know if your desktop has wireless, but you can always just connect the desktop to the router as well to continue getting internet that way.

Answer #10

if you want the immediate solution all youll do is unplug the modem your using at the moment from the back of your PC and plug it into your laptop. easy, simple and done.

if you want both the pc and lappy connected then youll need a router. neally all ISP’s will provide one when you take out a package with them.

i have 3 sitting here, never opened so never used. of course 1 is for 2mb, 1 is for 20mb and the other is for 50mb so make sure if you do go the router way that its capable of your connection speed.

my advice is to ring your isp and ask them for one cus they can be expensive.

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Thanks! :D

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