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Is it ok to mix and match a loveseat and couch, or should they be the same.

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You can mix and match them, as long as the colors or patterns compliment each other.
They dont have to be exactly the same, in my opinion that's boring.

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I agree with Mandy... don't make them the same. The last thing you want is a room that looks like it popped out of a Sears catalogue. Choose similar or opposite colors, but if you're matching prints/patterns, use similar densities or colors of patterns, or one solid, one striped... most of all, enjoy the process of mixing and matching.

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It's YOUR home, do what pleases you !

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I agreed with funadvice! It's your personal choice. I mean, the last decision will be yours. We can give you some tips but it's all up to you! I think it is not a good idea to mix & match loveseat & couch. You must to choose just one of them.

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