What are some interesting ingredients to put in a smoothie?

Answer #1

I love strawberry milk shake

Answer #2

ice and raspberries then put some mint in it too. It’s a good jamie oliver recipe and you smoothie all of them together with some sparkling water. Great for sunny days

Answer #3

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Answer #4

Strawberry and Apple Smoothie is quite a nice smoothie :) and maybe a hint of banana in it too, Hope i Helped!! :D

Answer #5

banannas, strawberrys, vanilla ice cream, milk and blend, such a good smoothie :)

Answer #6

I think blackberries are interesting to put in. When I make myself a strawberry-banana smoothie, sometimes I throw a few of them in as well to shake it up a little. Grapes are also a cool touch.

Answer #7


Answer #8

I personally like mocha smoothies. I even add a twist to it too. Here is how I make mine.

I make the coffee on a milk base(what do I mean, I take a cup of 1% milk, heat in microwave then add a teaspoon of this vanilla instant coffee no sugar & I let it cool off.) Now I add a splash of Irish cream(baileys or what ever you have just for the flavor dont go over board) ;P Now I get some ice & toss it in a blender with the coffee mixture. Before I pour it into my cup, I have a squeeze of Hershey’s chocolate syrup(or any chocolate syrup) for decor & pour the mocha smoothie into my cup…add a straw & vualla a yummy treat for any occasion! :P (those of you that crave a little extra smth smth can add some whip cream. I rather not) :P

Now If you want a real fruity based smoothie I love to make it using fresh peaches when in season. It’s the only fruity one I like on a water base. The rest I like on a milk base.

Answer #9

sounds interesting, I wrote that down thanks for sharing. :)

Answer #10

that sounds good

Answer #11

also love how you made smoothie a verb lol

Answer #12

:L i like making my own language i say awsome and confidenmental i’m not sure why I just find they fit my personality in a way

Answer #13

I have a favorite smoothie my daughter and I both love. I use one frozen banana (slightly thawed), some milk, some yogurt, sometimes some frozen strawberries. I also throw in some Perfect Green (also Greens + or whatever you have) for some extra nutrition. Whiz it all together with a stick blender and enjoy immediately for a semi-frozen smoothie. If you prefer non-frozen ones, just use fresh fruit instead of frozen. Enjoy!

Answer #14

OMG this ones a good one you should try it:

Ingredients: 1 cup Honeydew chunks 1 medium orange 1/2 medium peach, pitted 1/2 cup fresh pineapple chunks, core can be included 1 cup ice cubes

Preparation: Start blender at low and increase slowly to high. Blend for 45 seconds or until desired smoothie-ness is reached.

^also if you want it a little more creamier then normal smoothies i suggest you add some sugar, and bannanas!

hope i helped : )

Answer #15

Fresh leaf baby spinach. You dont taste it once its blended, and it gives you great source of vitamins.

Answer #16

I like to have smoothies that are made with yoghurt, banana, ice, and honey as a sort of base. It’s yummy. You can add anything to that. Mint and raspberries, strawberries, kiwi and raspberries, etc.

Answer #17

I think one of the best things u can put into a smoothy is bananas. With the ice and bananas that makes for a great creamy cold meal drink. A little vanilla protein to make it a little sweet

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