What influences you the most when you follow someone on FunAdvice?

Iv seen people who follow like ten people with lik 300 followers and then i see some who have been here for a few years with like 200

Answer #1

Nothing really. I don’t really pay attention to the follow button. Sometimes when I don’t like someone on here I won’t follow them, or sometimes I don’t notice that I’m not following them, or I just dont wanna feel creepy aha

Answer #2

I only follow people who I talk to everyday I don’t follow people straight away…I talk to them for a few days them press follow or have spoken to before forgot to follow them and found that I have something in common with them.

Answer #3

the advice or remarks they leave…

Answer #4

I’ve more or less stopped following people some time ago, and I’ve removed lots over a period of time from when I had auto-follow on, although it’s usually nothing too personal. I think it’s simply just based on generally liking the content of their updates or the answers they give to questions, and out of those there are probably a couple of people I feel I connect with more, possibly because they remind me of some of my real life friends in some way.

To be fair if I was to start following again, then there might be one or two people I’d follow now that I wouldn’t have before.

Answer #5

Good question. I figure I can always unfollow if I want. I often follow someone because they are an adult (like me) (we are sorta scarce on here) other times it’s because they liked my answer or I liked thiers or sometimes just because. I get on here when I don’t have anything else to do and maybe it’s just something to do.

Answer #6

Um if I have something in common with them I follow them.

Answer #7

there’s the crapload of people who randomly follow me and I have no idea why. I don’t follow people…

Answer #8

Um well if someone follows me I will follow them back. I rarely follow someone first, I only do if I give them advice and we keep talking back in forth. But my iPods dum lol i acsidently follow people when I try and view something.

Answer #9

I follow someone who generally have the same ideas as myself

Answer #10

I only follow members who I think have something in common with me or they provide good advice or are helpful when answering questions. People who are smart and have common sense more than dumbness is the ones I like to follow me and have them follow me.. I cannot stand people who randomly follow people just for the sake for following people so they can keep a tab on what the person is doing. I prefer to keep my list under 115 as I don’t see the point of having people on your list for for the sake of having a massive following.

Answer #11

I have switched off all alerts and mails that come when someone I follow does something. I have absolutely no clue who follows me at the moment or who I am following. And frankly I don’t really care about that.

There are a couple of people on here I like talking to. I know those. I don’t look at my lists.

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