Individuality poem.

No one, no one on this earth is 100% original.
Ideas stole from ideas,
Just because you found the coin first, doesn't make it yours.
Stop trying to be so cool,
because sweetie, it isn't going to work.
For once you should decide who is in charge,
Take charge in your own world.
because hunny I'm not being mean but,
But you ain't doing such a good job.
Wear black, paint your body with skulls and crosses,
Chains, eyeliner and neon green fishnets,
Sweetie I've seen it all before.
I wear what I like, so why don't you?
Join me and be original.
I know, that makes no sense, hm?
The world are sheep.
The world is a coward.
Too afraid to come out of our little shell,
Hiding from impopularity.
Dare to be different, darling.
I'll be there with open arms, to accept you
For what you are
I have no one like that so I'd be more than happy to oblige.
This doesn't rhyme, and you might disagree.
The bold text and fancy writing doesn't do it justice for me.
Semi colons, kisses after each word.
Capital letters, numbers for words.
Hair straightened, suffocated with spray.
Whats the point, sweetie?
Following the trend, doesn't work for me,
And hunny, it doesn't work for you, either.
I write the best songs when I'm free to choose.
Try it someday, don't be another figment to the blend.

Okay, first of all:
I don't have anything against anyone who hasn't done anything to me.
(AKA: "emos")
I just can't understand why people label themselves, or type like a retard.
(H11Y4, YUU 0K13? etc)
I wish people would stop trying to be like everyone else, and trying to be popular,
Because I don't know who would want to have 500 friends, rather than 20 close ones.
The world today has been ruined, but, hey, I'm one girl, and its just a poem about the way I feel;
not something serious.
Comment, and leave YOUR opinions?

(All the poems I've posted have been anonymous. Just the way I roll.)

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ANSWER #1 of 2

I agree on your opinion there
individuality is the best thing we can have
anyway the poems were good too
I have to say that they lacked rhythm sometimes though

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