Incredible Hulk VS. Edward Cullen

My wife believes that Edward Cullen could withstand the Hulks fury. I don’t agree and would like to know what all of you think.

Answer #1

Your wife is delusional. HULK SMASH!

Answer #2

^what he said

Answer #3

This is really pathetic…

Answer #4

The hulk…unless cullen works his charms…

Answer #5

Edward cullen can beat the hulk easily!!:D

Answer #6

hhhmmm, this is isn’t helping me. too bad that there are more twilighters than comic book fans on this site or I think I would receive more answers in my favor. the hulk is known to be the destroyer of worlds when he is angry enough. the angrier he gets the more powerful he becomes, and his skin is impervious as well. He can jump miles. he can lift buildings.

Answer #7

Mmmm I think Edward wins that out, Hulk may be strong, but Ed’s got the super-speed! But, I cant imagine Edward killing Hulk, would have to be a very Bella-is-in-danger reason to “press” Ed to do something like that!

Answer #8

Lol I don’t know. Thats tough. I like the hulk more than edward now lol if I had to choose. People are just too obsessed with him I got sick of it because everybody wouldn’t stop tlaking about it and thinking they are vampires!!! ugh lol if it wasn’t for the stupid movie and the stupid books everything would be normal..

Thats just my opinion so I’m not saying it’s right so nobody spazz at me. That’s just how I feel about it :)

Answer #9

thanks for kicking me a few answers I’m certain that the hulk would atomize him but its fun to hear what others think.

Answer #10

that’s tough but I say edward

Answer #11

okay Edward Cullen could totally kill the hulk…easily.

Answer #12

I major laughed at this question.

Anything can beat Edward Cullen, so it’s clear that the Hulk is epic win.

Answer #13

Ok I have many many hulk comic,s and the hulk has withstood a Atomic explosion point blank and got pissed and more powerful actually Hulk almost destroyed earth with his rage incarnate, hulk has kept a planet from exploding with his bare hands, the Hulk can Heal instantaneous unlimited, and he emits gamma radiation he can run as fast as a jet and Jump around 20 miles his skin can with stand over 1000 Celsius and is Ni invulnerable The Hulk has Literally Lifted the Hemola mountains … EXT

Edward is fast but he Could not get away from the ARIA Damage Hulk would Make AKA Continental Damage / picking up a couple Miles worth of mountain and Crushing and aria about the size of Houston Edwards has avrig vampire strength and cant take a beating for crap he is fast but not fast enough he could doge punches and thrown objects but not Aria effects as mentioned before and if he tried to bit him it wouled only end in him geting radiation poisoning becaus Hulks Blode is Poisonis and also his teath wouled brake in teh first place once that clost and trying to bite al it wouled take is 1 hand and eds dead with out a flintch if he ran hulk wouled desrtoy the Hole eria so not eaving runing wouled help and If you make him more angry like the rest of eds famly they wouled all die one buy one Hulk never has to sleep or eat he has gon in to space with no sute just Held his breath His skin and eyes with stood the cold and vacuum of outer space and he can be submerged in lava no effect other than getting pissed Hulk Vs 50 Edwards Hulk Hands Down with out a second thought you people need to read up on you green friends real ability’s get some comics and see that he has even decimated gods

Answer #14


Yeah… Hulk would smash all the ‘product’ out of that sissy-boy’s hair…

Ed wouldn’t even TRY to bite him… that would involve GETTING CLOSE. Even if Hulk LET the kid bite him… his teeth would BREAK before they’d ever puncture Hulk’s skin…

And it doesn’t matter how fast the vampire is… Hulk can cause localized earthquakes… WITH… HIS… FISTS…

Answer #15

Edward cullin would yottaly win!! Not only us he HOT but is fast and can get out of his way so he could also luke bite him and ect! They should have a movie I it!!:) hahaha lol but ya hulk didn’t have a chance!!!:$

Answer #16

The majority of these have to be the dumbest answers I’ve ever read… anyone that knows anything about the Hulk would know he would smash any vampire (save maybe dracula) to pulp…

end of story…

how you say?

Well for one, the Hulk can lift well over 100 tons

he can heal himself

he emits gamma radiation, small amount

he’s pretty much indestructible…now I won’t say cullen won’t die right away but he’s quick enough to avoid tree trunk arms and a small car size fist waving at him…

but yah… doubtful that edward cullen would stand a chance against someone as powerful as the Hulk..

sorry, he gets the crapped kicked out of him, even if his family was there with him, they’d still lose, unless they find someway to calm the Hulk down, because if they don’t know who the Hulk is, they are just gunna keep making him angry and that isn’t good for them…

Answer #17

The Incridible Hulk would most defenitly win without breaking much of sweat.

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