I have 3 VERY VERY VERY important questions about sex if you know anything about any or all 3, PLEASE answer as many as possible. Question 1: When your havin sex, and the dick is in you, what the HELL it feels like! Does it hurt, does it feel weird, does it feel good, or just feel like nothing-WHAT? PLEASE TELL ME!!! Question 2: How long does the thing gotta stay in you? Question 3: When a guy wants to have sex with you, how does he ask and/or tell you. Is he just like want to have sex, or is he more discreet? And if you say no, what do they do to try and convince you?! PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE ANSWER AS MANY OF THOSE YOU CAN IN AS MUCH DETAIL AS YOU CAN!!! THANX FOR YOUR HELP!

Answer #1


  1. No way!! it doesn’t hurt!! its the best sensation EVER!

2.When the penis becomes erect, semen will come out of the penis, and it will, have to go through your vagina. you’ll have an orgasm usually witch is awesome!! and some times, he’ll hit your G spot, and BAM!!! you’re in heaven. you won’t be able to do anything, except groan, and scream of pleasure, but, thats normal

3.When my hubby wants to have sex with me, he just does, it. usually, he’ll start by throwing me against the wall. then, he’’l put his penis down my pants and into my vagina, then we’ll land, to the closest spot for sex and he’’l be on top, and he knows where my G spot is, so im always in heaven.

Answer #2

Im not gonna add to the first two questions as they seem to have been answered pretty thouroughly, but i would say if your bloke wants sex it shouldnt be like a mechanical operation like “can i hold ur hand?” or something. You will be hugging and kissing, and as things progress (no need to rush things he may be excited to have sex but that doesnt mean he wont apreiciate the hugging and kissing) you are exploring each others bodys, and becoming more comfortable with having him running his hands over you maybe pleasuring you and vice versa, so once you are comfortable with each other you have gotten naked and have been running your hands over each others skin and you are feeling like you want to take it further. Then it should be obvious that if you want it you can have sex, hes gonna be erect (but then he will be alot of the time when you are playing around) and then he may make a move to try to insert himself.

Good Luck, Only posting because i felt that it hadnt been made clear that sex should come with the flow of things not as individual action as such.

Answer #3

Ok darling, here it goes.

Watch out for the guys you are having s3x with. A good guy, will tell you how he feels, calls you up to talk to you, discusses s3x with you, maybe is a virgin himself, but most importantly; a good guy will wait to have s3x with you.

I only know #3.

  1. A guy, when he wants to have s3x, will maybe come closer to you while you’re sitting on the couch. He may do foreplay on you, to get in the mood. When you’re as much in the mood as he is, he could whisper to you if you’re ready, or just pop it right in! Other guys are NOT very modest about it. When HES in the mood, HES in the mood. He may just come right out and ask you “will you have s3x with me?” it depends on the guy you’re having it with i guess.

Good luck though, and have all gret intentionas!! ;)

Answer #4

just becareful guys are sneaky little bastards and some just want sex… and they will even say they love you to get it! … There are tons of websites online to learn about sex… just do a google search. I would defiently let your relationship / future relationship develop for a long period of time before you have sex for the first time, because sex will complicate things with emotions etc… and you will that you love the person because he is your first, but its more complicated then you think…

Answer #5

oh god give me a break theyre the same thing!!!lol just cause u have time to search google lol the point is the same it can be ripped by anything and the ripping is ushually why sex hurts the first time oh extra peice of advice…. if you are going to do it….foreplay might help…hopefullu u will get wet …and that will provide lube.and will help his penis slide in smoothly..which provides for less friction and there go….less pain..or discomfort

Answer #6

Well #1 why are you even thinking about stuff like that, if you aren’t married? And NO don’t just go do it, and regret the stupid move you made, especially if you’re a virgin! JUST DON’T BE STUPID!!

Hope you make the right choice!

Answer #7

heres an idea why don’t you just do it and find out

Answer #8

i think you just confuzed her even more….shit even im

Answer #9

Okay, here’s the deal: vanilla gave good advice and smedheader gave good clarification.

  1. Sex can hurt the first time no matter if your hymen (tissue and blood just past the opening of the vagina) is torn. A torn hymen is often a result of losing viginity but can also be caused by anything from wearing tampons to stretching. If anything has been in inserted into your vagina, the hymen has been torn and the pain will lessen. Some occurances suggest that foreplay prior to sex can decrease instances of pain. For some people, sex does not hurt at all the first time and for very very few, it is actually pleasurable. Size, width, and shape of the penis can cause different feelings so it really depends of both you and your partner. If you’re really worried about it, take an ibuprofen an before. Be prepared for pain following sex rather than pain durring sex. For some reason, that seems to take girls by surprise.

  2. Alright now this one can be tricky. If it is the male’s first time, than it should be more than a few minutes before he ejaculates. However, if he is experience, the sensation won’t take him by surprise and he will probably take longer. If you are worried about the length of time, try a bit of foreplay prior to sex or request that he masturbates (but stops before climaxing) just before you have sex. Some males last hours while others can only go for a few seconds. Try talking to him first and ask about his prior experiences with sex, foreplay, and masturbation.

  3. This could be the easiest matter because typically, men think about sex every 7 seconds (women think about it approximately every 12). Boys may hint all they want but the fact of the matter is, if someone isn’t mature enough to talk about sex, they’re not mature enough to have sex. If this is something you’re seriously considering, then you need to talk to each other. I think you’ll find that he’ll be quite responsive if he sees your interest.

I really hopes this helps!

Answer #10
  1. You tell me! :D
  2. It’s gotta stay as much as it likes. Sometimes they move there and live for the rest of your life. They are called “portable things”
  3. If you say no they will rough you up a little until you will say yes :)) And if you use your right and refuse him, he might use the back door :))

Now seriously, is this some sort of homework for you? And mr_smedheader gave so unusual examples… The thing is that you should feel good, this is why people are doing it; in the vast masjority of cases, when the guy comes it’s game over, or after too much…rubbing. It’s up to you both, like the marinera sauce said; I haven’t heard anyone asking such a stupid question. You just bang the girl until you see that her eyez are about to pop out and that’s it :)) Kidding again…Uh-hmm…The idea is that you both will start and continue the game of love making, just like a dance in two. And sometimes words are “very unnecessary, they can only bring harm” :)) Take care and relax, probably nobody wants to have sex with you anyway! :))

Answer #11

1st question- For me it feels wonderful, But he is 8inch’s long so I don’t know if that has anything to do w/ it. Sometimes when I’m on top, it feels like it pokes my stomach, but I just ease up a bit and then around that time get an orgasm. 2nd question- Sex can last for 2 mins- 5 hours. The longest we’ve ever had since was right at 5 hours and didn’t even know it. Sex time (for me) flys by so fast, We were shocked. We started at 11:55am and ended at 4:43pm (lol we keep up w/ it), anyways it all just depends on if he can hold the sperm in or if it has to come out, then if I have an orgasm real soon, most of the time I’m wore out after one and I’m ready for it to be over. 3rd question- lol honestly, it’s weird, but my husband (well this was when he was just my b/f) asked me if he could “poke” me. And I said “What the heck does that mean” and started laughing. Then he showed me his boner. and I was scared, didn’t know what to say and he said “baby doll, you know I’m going to be the one that takes care of you in the end and protects you” then after that I thought it was sweet (even if it was probably something nice to say to get in my pants… but it worked) and I said awww, and he said “so, please.. can I stick it in?” and I said lol “only for 2 mins… and I’m counting.” well it felt so good in the middle of it I said “are we having sex??” and he said “No” b/c he knew if I said yes I would make him take it out. Finally about 1 hr later when we were finished.. I looked at him and said “wow, that was sex wasn’t it” and he smiled and said “hell yeh it was” and I said it was awesome. I was always “miss unexperienced” I kept my clothes on til’ I was 18.

Answer #12

haha ok here goes I take it your a virgin so ill make this as clear as possible feels different to evry1…and even tho most people think this…it dosent neccisarily hurt the first time his penis penetrates.see theres this form of…cover…in a womans vagina that rips …altough most are ushually ripped before during a sport or if you fell…a tampon or even masturbation.I cant tell you how it will feel and neither can anyone else because …a.the guys penis is always different…and one has your vagina.and even if it does hurt the first time…ull get used to it and itll start feelin way better. all depends on the people havin sex.theres no actuall time.this can be detirmined by how soon the guy ejaculates…or how soon you do…or when it is you want it please use asome form of perservative!!!

3.this too depends on the guy ure dealin with all men have different ways of asking…it depends on their morals…or just plainly the way they feel.just remember if your not ready dont do it…u have no reason to rush…especially just because some guy wants to…no matter who they are…theyre not worth you doing something you feel uncomfterable with.but if you feel you are ready then go for it…but again use protection

love always -v-

Answer #13

just don’t do it unless yu really really want it damn I’m 14 and I’m a boy first I wasn’t sure butt like I said unless yu really want it don’t do it

Answer #14

ahhhh you say tomatoe ..i say marinera sauce….er somethin like

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