What if my sister-in-law keeps wanting sex?

recently my sister inlaw stayed for a few days as my wife went to portugal for a wedding as I was working we needed someone to look after the kids,everything was going alright until one night she came in to my room and in to my bed naked,we had sex and now she still wants more,I still regret the first time it happened,but she keeps saying if I dont she will tell my wife,what should I do help me please

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WOW you have a MAJOR problem now dontcha!

Did you know that I am your wife's friend? Boy do I have a story to tell her now!

Better get to it before I do!

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If you tell your wife what happened she will not be as mad as if she found out another way.. But trust me she is going to be pissed.. I can't believe that you would sleep with your sister in law.. as for bubux007 the only reason your girl let you go was because she was probley sleeping with another guy while you were gone... It is not good to cheat on your husband or wife, you look vows and at the moment you broke those vows.. Also sleeping with your sister in law is off limits... She trusted you and her sister and you both batrayed her.. You should tell her and face the punishment that you deserve...

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First, just do your wifes's sister if she asks. Second, YOU have to tell your wife all the story. I hope that your wife will understand both you and your sisiter. Having sex with the wife's sister, or the husband's brother "remains in the family'.

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if your wife sleeps with your brother and is still doing it, how do you want the problem to be solved?

dont repeat the mistake and confess to your wife

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bubux> Did he mention to us that his wife wanted her sister to take her place in the bedroom while she was gone?...NO!! Why do you think the sister-in-law is threatening to tell her sister on him! You are making up YOUR own scenerio here! READ the question, and stop making up things that didnt happen!
His wife was only gonna be gone for a few days. Trust me, the guys not going to go impotent if he doesnt get it for a few days!

You dont have sex with family members to get to know one another for heavens sake! There are boundaries you just dont cross when someone is married. Its called RESPECT!

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bubux> what planet did you fall off of?

FIrst, you do NOT do your wifes sister. Second, i highly doubt your wife will be understanding about you sleeping with her sister!

You need to put your sister-in-law in her place, and learn the word "NO", and you owe it to your wife to tell her everything. Tell your sister-in-law that her threats will not make you keep sleeping with her. In fact it will push you farther away from her. Tell her that you regret it ever happening, and it wont ever happen again! (Better tell your wife before your sister-in-law does)

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ARE YOU CRAZY??? I mean you might as well tell your wife how much of a dog you are and how much of a slut her sister is...its better telling your wife it happened once than twice, or 3, or 4 get it?? Just tell your wife. Im not judging, just stating the facts. Just because it's offered doesn't mean it has to be taken. Good Luck!

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wow..have fun telling your wife, fool.

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just tell your wife it will go easier and then your sister in law wont be able to lie to her

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tell your wife, she's going to find out about it anyways.

be a man, if you want to fix it, go to counciling, if you don't, leave.

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Dear angelfire2708,
I do not say (however it is possible) that the wife and sister made a formal agreement. But you also know that there are many ways of metacommunications, and people can somehow govern the direction of the event by this way. And I say that, when a wife finds an other woman to substitute her in the family, like in this story, the most banal event is that when the husband makea love with this woman. Let me to say that, the opposite is the surprising, and not this what happened to dresser. So let me to repeat that, if I were the wife in this story than I would not be so upset or unhappy with the story, but I would appreciate the sincerity.
:)) Well, I have a g/f, who has a female friend, who invited us to a kayak tour. We could not accept the invitation because of our job, even I could not accept it ( I am fond of it, not my g/f,) and my g/f told me that, "just go with them, at least you will have a n@okie with her". Why did she say this? Because she knows that some life situations have a "most probable" scenario that is programmed into the situation. Like the substitution of the wife (husband) in a family. Even the "role" what somebody plays in a situation directs the behavior of the participants. The sister came to substitute the wife in all respect, and she did it. Good occasion to learn each other in a family.

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honestly you should have never slept with her...

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Dang... Just tell your wife...

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OMG, I can't believe this happened...well, I can but still. lol.

I can't believe how many men (and women) do something and THEN think about it. If people would take a minute to think about things BEFORE, then people wouldn't get in such messes. You have to confess and do it first. Believe me you have to be the first one that tells her or it's over.

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Ok bubux007, you got me on that one, because i have NO idea what you just said!

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OMG! I can't believe that happened. U need to tell your wife! Good Luck

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ouch...man this is going to be hard for you...

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First of all II would like to tell you GOOD LUCK!!! I think the more you do it, the more it's going to get ugly! If I were you I will tell my wife before it's too late... Remember... there is no secret that never came out especially if it's an ugly secret! It will not be easy to admit it but your wife will for sure understand what happened. Karma strikes fast, so better tell your wife now before she'll do it and I hate to see what's going to happen. Be strong and be sure when everything's all done don't ever ever mess around again. Peace out! ;-)

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thats the thing with men, when a naked woman stands in front of them, they would always go for it and not think of the the people concerned, consequences and everything that goes with it. first of all im sorry to hear that, but I do understand u, you're just a guy, we all made mistakes and I think you just made a big one..I think you should honestly tell your wife about it, everything that happened (that he just walks out on you naked, and the threats), and pls dont sleep with her ever again, im begging u..she may let you get out of her life but soon she'll realize she just cant and just prove it to her.. do everything to get back to her..goodluck!

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angelfire2708> for the present nobody knows what this man's wife and her sister agreed before the wife went to Portugal. Not this case would be the first when two ladies agreed in such a situation. So I think, the most important point is that the husband MUST tell the true story to his wife, and the wife will arrange the problem with her sister. Usually sisters do not jump to their brother in low's bed naked.

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angelfire2708 > I like your conception on the ideal pair-relationship, and that is also true I have a certain scenario on that story what Dresser wrote us. I think that the real life is rarely ideal, and also that time to time two sisters may have similar attitudes. You WANT to see this story as a scandallous sin, with no excuse or get-out from it, but I should like to regard it as an unconvetional situation that "happens" since it happened (if happened). I think what Dresser wrote us permits of both possibilities. You know, I should liket to see much less love/sexual piques in the world than in fact happen day to day. Time to time initiating crime, or just excesive affliction. One way to this is the understanding and the humor.

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You deserve it.Don't even have sexx with her at first. Or get a giggalo to rape* her and then blackmail her

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bubux>are you saying that his wife and her sister had an agreement that when the wife is gone, the sister has permission to sleep with her husband? Is that what they do in Hungary?

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deny till you die pall!

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honestly sweetie, you made the bed, and have to lay in it.
why didnt you kick her out? Men kill me with that weak minded state.
You need to be honest with self, and tell sister in law -fine tell her. Its not fair to your wife. Women never get the option to walk away from a disloyal situation. You should be ashamed for sleeping with her sister. What were you thinking? And your sister in law isnt really smart either. yall both deserve whatever is coming to you.

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