In cheerleading, how to do moree?

Welll,, imma freshman. But a good cheerleaderr, so, I fly in the gamess, butt 4 are hello this girl's lighter than me so there doing herr, ok thats fine, but then they remake thcheer again to do 4 a crowd cheer, and she does it again. All I get to do [tomrrow] is 1 flying crowd cheer, so I fly once, in the ones where shee flies I go to the front and do stuff alobe, like movements then a jumpp.. I get that tho, I mean im in the front and all spotlighty, but I lovee to flyyy, :(.

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ask your captain to include more flys, my team once used three flyers at once in a v formation and it worked well:) but if its tomorrow im not sure if you can change the routine but next time you culd suggest that ,gdd luk and hopefully ull fly soon:)

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