How to improve on our credit rating?

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You mean your credit score? It depends on how bad it is. You would first need to pay off any old past due debts since those hurt your credit score greatly. Ruining your credit takes weeks...building it back up can take years. You just need to stay on top of your billls and make your payments on time. If your going to be late with one try and work a deal with the place you owe and tell them when you can pay and some wont let it affect your credit score if you work with them. If you have the funds to handle another small bill, buy an item to make payments on or take out a small loan to help build your credit, although if you cant stay on top of it dont, because it will hurt you even more when you dont pay.

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You have to bring your debt to income down, this is how much is coming in to how much is going out. Also having a lot of open credit can hurt you, even if the credit card has no balance the fact that you can put a balance on it can hurt you. Late payment, foreclosures, and repose can really hurt you, but they can also be disputed, during that time of the dispute they do not count against you. Also your age can hurt your score, but don't worry, that will come with time.

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Paying off old debts is one thing which will clear off credit ratings, but paying the bills in time will also effect credit rating ? i ididn't know this and i feel too many factors effect credit rating then

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