What is most important to you in a job?

as mentioned before I currently have an administration job in an office, however this week there have been some changes and a couple of staff members have moved on. The result of this, is I have been offered a new role in the office. The plan (if I accept) is to trial the position for a couple of weeks, then decided which role I want to continue with. So looking at the positives and negatives:

Positives of my current position

Variation Fewer immediate deadlines at the moment It’s a good entry level position at my age The salary for my age is excellent

Minor negatives

Although, I’m sure I won’t be with the same company for life, it’s a position that might not have longevity, or exists on a rolling contract basis. Training options and other staff benefits are not as good as the other position

Positives of the new position

Excellent training programmes available including team leadership, introuduction to office managment, and more advance office managment course leading to a full qulaification.
More chance of a permanent position, and being able to eventually branch into other areas. More important work, so in turn the salary is better


Lack of variation for long periods More deadline driven, so more pressure Less space to make mistakes (although leeway will be given)

I’m actually very happy they seem to think enough of me, and my skills to off me the chance to take on a more important and challenging role, but I’m not sure if I need that at my age. I’m happy with what I’m doing, but the challenge does appeal to me, and I can always revert back if I don’t think I’m ready for the new role. It could be a case of taking a step too soon, when I have plenty of time to think about career development. This is my first real job, so I’m pondering how to weigh up the options and decide what’s important at this stage!

Answer #1

The most important thing in a job for me is that I don’t mind doing it. It can’t be something I hate. I also would have to be treated fairly.

Answer #2

The most important things that i look for in a job are: That its something i enjoy, otherwise i would never get up and actually go in. Flexibility, being a mother you never know what type of child emergency may come up where you need to leave or not come in. Feeling Appreciated and Needed, i could never do a job where i felt unimportant and that i was just someones work slave. Creativity, if i dont have a chance to be creative and express my ideas i feel bored very easily. I also wouldnt be happy unless i was being paid what i felt i was worth. All of these reasons are mainly why im working out of my home right now doing cakes.

Answer #3

Being able to trial your new role would be excellent, I really hope that works out for you, sounds like the new job has a fair amount more pressure put on you, but you seem like the type of person who would be able to take a little, just don’t overdue it and it could be very rewarding.

Myself, I think I would need a job that has a lot of variation in it. I couldn’t be stuck doing the same thing day in and out, I would likely end up looking for a new job if that were the case. I’d love to be able to express myself creatively, but it’s not necessary, as well as travel. A job that allowed me to go around the world and see new things would be a dream. This is kind of why I have an interest in archeology, I suppose I’ll see how things look a few years down the road.

Answer #4

See, I think I there would be scope for compromise, so I could do a bit of both roles. Being able to do this for a year or even two (id still only be 18 then) would be ideal, it would give me a chance to save some money and really think about what I want to do. Travelling does appeal, although I’m unsure on what capacity, (conservation perhaps) but that would be a couple of years off anyway. My current contract untill next April, so I’ve plenty of time to ponder. I don’t think the fact I don’t what I wan’t from my life should worry me yet. I have just been thrown by this unexpected offer, it’s like it’s just hitting me that I’m in full time employment, and my eyes have suddenly been opened.

Answer #5

My list of important job ‘needs’ begin with me enjoying the job. Unless I have no other option, I really would not want to work a job that makes me miserable. After liking the job usually comes the other things [Ex: hours, rates, etc].

Answer #6

to me it’s i have to like what im doing so tht i dont get boerd all the time with it.

Answer #7

Getting along with the people I work with because any job can get done if the teamwork’s there.

Answer #8

I would have to agree with you on that…sometimes you can love what you do but hate the people you have to work with to a point where you just cant take it anymore! No matter what the pay is, if you have to come in day in & day out wondering what garbage they will be saying about behind your back is like constantly walking into a lion’s den & trust me it’s no picnic..been there & done that til there was a tug of war btwn 2 bosses in 2 separate sections & wound up getting let go bcz neither wanted to give me up to the other side. All the drama in the office was just not worth it while I was being pulled in 2 separate directions which lead to being let go. In the long run, If your co workers are reasonable, and the pay is worth it, liking what you do would also be considered. :P

Answer #9

Working for a large corporation and having the opportunity to progress further in your department or other departments if positions become available for internal promotion. Being looked after as an employee rather being just a number is a great feeling.. Having the company pay for your studies as they want their employees to stay with them in the long run and paying employees above the average market income mark… I find these points to be the most important aspects for me in my job. Money and career opportunities, makes me want to turn up to work every day.

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