What is the most important aspect of a video game to you?

Like, what draws you to certain games over others? Does it need to have good graphics, a good story line, lots of guns, etc…? And what’s something that can kill what should have been a good game for you?

Answer #1

i like good graphics, if it looks like a fun game, but sh*t visually, i dont buy it. I like things i can relate to as well. Like a main character that is just a complete boss i can relate too, so ill buy it :) hehe

Answer #2

A good plot, it it doesn’t have a good plot, no matter how great the graphics are, or how great the weapons I’d get bored of it real fastl

Answer #3


Answer #4

it depends with me…..

if im playing i dont know, left 4 dead 2 which uses the really old source engine, its not the best looking kid around but still doesnt look bad after all these years but for l4d2 has to be teh coop gameplay is the best aspect.

battlefield 2, still my highest played game on xfire was the mp aspect and working together in squads and 64 man servers.

wolfenstein enemy territory one of my fave mp games of aall time uses the quake 3 engine if im not mistaken which looks liek crap but in order to finish teh tasks on the map you have to work as a team.

graphics, yeah i do like a good looking game but in all honesty im not that bothered in teh end even thought i do moan about it alot haha i just want to play a good mp game with my mates where we need to work together.

i think teh best looking game ive got installed at teh moment is splinter cell conviction.

im playing total war 2 at the min and te graphics are crap but the game is just so bloody good and its gotta be a bonus invading the french.

i think the last game that was killed in my eyes was modern warfare 2. after all teh hype it was just another cod game set somewhere else and what made it even worse is the fact that teh cheat software was valves anti cheat [vac] which never bloody worked so all teh aimbots came out and that just killed the game. so yeah, cheaters and lack of a better cheat software like punkbuster.

Answer #5

The ability to be played seriously for at least 3 months before completing and also the ability to play with someone else for fun.

Answer #6

I can’t think of any video game you can really play seriously for three months without completing. If by seriously you mean “Attempting to complete it.”

Answer #7

the adventure of it

Answer #8

Everytime I play a game (nowadays rare) I always end up fighting with the pre-progammed computer because its so predictable. Thats why i usually dont like games like Oblivion or Fallout because even though it seems like you can do anything its SO predicatble. even madden has gotten to the point where instead of seeing the game as a game, i start seeing the prgram and try to beat it of course you cant. its like the matrix…

Answer #9

Well if talking stand alone it needs to be challenging and have a logical progression. Graphics are importasnt to a point but a polished turd still stinks.

I mostly play MMO/RPG games and the only one that fits the bill for me is EverQuest 2. Even though thay have begun to WOW it up a bit the last few expansions, the end game content is always challenging and intriguing and the social aspect of the game is very appealing to me as well. I have tried several others and have been disappointed with almost every level of what I find rewarding about EQ2.

Answer #10

so shooting games are your thing. Have you tried Gran Turismo 5? or any of them?

Answer #11

Erm..probably good graphics because it has to look realistic for me to be involved in the story line. If it has some good action clips in it as well but….yeah, most important to me I would say graphics

Answer #12

a game that i can play with a bunch of homies, like super mario party! or left 4 dead:)

Answer #13

Either a very good solo plot, or an addictive multiplayer. The games of my childhood (younger than ten) were the ps2 games that had simple yet unique characters. Each game would have a whole story behind it, kind of like reading a book. I also think player interaction with the environment is a very big plus. This is usually found in a lot of the newer RPG’s. Fallout series, Elder Scrolls series, my favorites.

Answer #14

i like the plot, and gameplay the most. Some games ive played and pretty good gameplay but the plot bombed and i lost interest or the game had a super amazing plot but lacked in good gameplay. I think a game should have a good equal amout of these two things and it can be awesome.

Answer #15

no but i play, or i should say still have dirt 2 installed.

Answer #16

a great story line and a range in enemys, like Fallout 3

Answer #17

#1- Good graphic #2- Challenging #3- Awesome actions #4 Perfect sound

Answer #18

#1- Good graphic #2- Challenging #3- Awesome actions #4 Perfect sound

Answer #19

a good plot is always good but what i like most is probably if it is too repetitive, im not much into button smashers, i look for a game that i can go back and still enjoy it even after a few weeks of playing it

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