Implantation bleeding

implantation bleeding
can implantation bleeding start before you period? do you have cramps with implantaion bleeding and what does it look like?

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I had it mine lasted 1 day it was pink blood in discharge and i got my period 2 weeks later it can last 1-3 days. ever since I had it my periods have gone into patterns for 3 months. Its now September and my period was late its so weird Can you have a period while pregnant because I did get Implantation bleeding or does it not always mean your pregnant

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Implantation bleeding occurs usually a week or so after ovulation. It is usually pinkish or brownish bloody discharge. If you experience back aches and cramps with this or if you have a lot of bleeding you should see a doctor. As far as I know slight discharge without cramps or back ache is usually not a problem but I am not a doctor and your gynecologist will be a better source of information. I hope this helps.

What is implantation bleeding and how long can it last?

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dhooni your advice helped im going to visit my doctor

What's implantation bleeding like; is it like a period?

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