How has immigration effected the uk?

Answer #1

Immigrants have taken over the UK. Basically Labour decided to open the floodgates and let everyone in. These people often can’t speak English and bring their children. They then shoot to the top of housing lists ahead of British citizens. So they get free housing, and because they can’t speak English and often have little in terms of skills and therefore can’t work. So they’re sitting in their free homes, being paid benefits to do nothing all day; to just sit there and take up valuable space in a packed country, and valuable money in a country with massive deficit which has just barely scraped out of recession. This is just a small sample of the massive problems caused by the massive flood of immigrants we’ve had over the past couple of years. Also, if you look at any school in London (I can’t speak for anywhere else in the country) the majority of the time about 10% maximum will be of White British ethnicity. This is due to the amount of immigrants there have been in recent years. At my college in particular, the majority of the entire place is asian/black. In several of my classes there are two white british people or in one case just me. This is what Labour has done to ‘England’

Answer #2

Oh, and because they have children, these children also shoot to the top of education lists and are placed at schools ahead of British children. Our government would prefer to educate people who have moved here then those who have lived here all their lives. Schools are very oversubscribed these days so there are children who don’t get placed. This is disgusting considering the amount of money that goes into the education system each year and the circumstances under which these children don’t get placed. These foreign children also cannot speak English, and so are given extra help at school which could be spent properly educating English children. Instead, British children are left to coast their way through school without the assistance they need and do not achieve as highly as they should. The education in the UK is not of a high enough standard as it used to be for a number of reasons and one is because of Immigration, and not many people realise this.

Immigration has directly affected the economic state of the country, unemployment levels, the education system and housing issues in the country.

Answer #3

thankuu :D x

Answer #4

if you have any more questions about how messed the UK is then feel free to ask :)

Answer #5

Using the words “black” and “white” to describe people is now so politically incorrect.

Answer #6

uhm, white british - genuine term used on census forms etc. black - couldn’t think of a different way to refer to them and didn’t want to offend anyone. wow if this is what the country is coming to that a person can’t be referred to as ‘black’ without any negative connotations. this is due to the amount of immigrations, and therefore the increased levels of ‘PC’ implicated so as not to offend anyone. thankyou for making a really unnecessary point that turned out to support mine anyway - immigration to the extent of this is bad. There are more ethnic minorities in England than the british - we’re the minorities. it’s wrong.

Answer #7

yeah will do, thankux

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