Im trying to get into a club 2 years underage

Errm yeah, this saturday a load of my friends are going out into town to the clubs for one of my friends birthdays. Who im going with are mostly 17 and I am 16. We will be going in a group of about 15 and so I was just wondering if anyone had any tips about how I can look older as you have to be 18 to get into clubs in the uk. I have been told that I look 18, especially when I dress up and I have the personality of an 18 year old and so was just looking for some tips. I am hopefully getting someones I.d as well but just to make sure.

Answer #1

Well someone in that club has to go home and feed a family too. Sorry. I will just stop here.

Answer #2

hahahahah mamak

Answer #3

ohh cool whats it like in the UK

Answer #4

im from the united kingdom?!

Answer #5

well if your going to a tight club its probably worth where I live im younger and have underage friends wwith fake IDs and I smoke so yahh it kinda orks with the fake IDs for me

Answer #6

Because it’s small businesses run America. We are trying to survive in the economy. It will be your business when you don’t have that fun place to go to when you really are of age. I had too many night clubs shut down in my area and it spoiled the fun for all of us. Stop being selfish you guys.

Answer #7

yeah, my mate is lending me her fake I.d as shes not going and she said that she has been let in loads of times with it and the bouncers only look at the hiar colour of the photo and the date of birth. the worst they’ll do is take it off of me isnt it?

Answer #8

its pretty tight in the UK. but everyone is saying its easier for girls to get in underage…especially if they show a bit of flesh…I know it sounds bad…but thats the way it works over here.

Answer #9

get a fake id and memorize everything on it even the exact spelling of the name it helps if it looks like you and try to dress older too.

Answer #10

Right- I’ll be honest and straight. If girls do look a bit tarty then sometimes they are more likely to get in. Although sometimes it can have the opposite affect as they will know you’re trying TOO hard.

Bottom Line- Some people get in because they look older and/or the bouncer doesn’t check very well. Some people don’t get in. Honestly though, if you get turned down it will be embarrassing.

Answer #11

Yes but will you be drinking? That’s the main reason for clubbing. I think it’s partly peer pressure and your lack of caring for an establishment. I happen to be a business owner. The last thing I’d want is some officer or inspector to come and ask for a patron’s id and shut me down!

Answer #12

Depends what clubs… I live in New Zealand and they’re not actually that strict. Yeah most of the bouncers ask for I.D and some girls Do get declined… but as long as you are polite and not too drunk or abusive toward getting in or not, they should give you your I.D back… to go try at the next club Lol. I’m not sure what it’s like over there, but if it’s anything like here then the best thing to do is borrow (or buy) someone’s drivers licence off of them… same hair colour and face shape are the majors. Also making sure this person isn’t friends with the bouncer of the club/s your planning on going to and you should be sweet! Make sure you memorise the I.D to perfection (get your mates to test you even) and one more thing… if asked for your full-name or birth-date Don’t answer as if you’ve memorised everything okay Lol biiig give away. These bouncers Know that this aint you, just act confident and ask how there nights going bla bla (dancing in line/talking with mates may help) Annnd if they let you in… Great! Hope this helped to some extent :D

Answer #13

mmm. one of the girls who is going also knows a few of the bouncers at some of the clubs so she said that she can text them before we go in so that they are expecting us. if we cant get into the clubs we’ll probably go into one of the pubs or somethng and try again later. where I am going, you will probably get in somewhere…that is what my older friends are saying. they are 17 and have got into clubs before without fake I.d

Answer #14

They will check you for photo identification unless it is a place that has sleazy guys that will do whatever they can to encourage more girls in…and those places I wouldn’t recomend. Sometimes when you are trying too hard to dress older you just look try-hard. Pay attention to what older (women in their 20’s) girls wear out to clubs and make a mental note of things that look good that would work on you. Be polite and friendly to the people working on the door. Don’t have a lot of pre-drinks as showing up drunk won’t get you in (been there done that) :)

Answer #15

If you use a fake ID where I live and they realise it is fake you get charged. It is too risky, I wouldn’t do that. Just try your luck on dressing to impress and charming your way in. But, if you can’t get in and your friends can - what are you going to do for the night?? Keep that in mind.

Answer #16

we will be doing most of our drinking before we go in and probably wont be buying drinks at the club because they are so expensive!!

Answer #17

You can cause the establishment to close if they are found serving drinks to minors. You’ll spoil it if they have to shut the place down because of something you think is an easy,no problem issue.

Answer #18

fake I.D. where I live there are 15 year olds easily getting beer and cigs with fake I.D.s it isnt hard to get em

Answer #19

don’t do a fake id! you could get in a lot of trouble. In my opinion, you shouldn’t do it at all. If you get caught, you’ll be in a lot of trouble. Is it really worth it?

Answer #20

well if your going to a tight club its probably worth where I live im younger and have underage friends wwith fake IDs and I smoke so yahh it kinda orks with the fake IDs for me

Answer #21

bouncer dont care about anything there just not gonna let you in

Answer #22

fake I.D. find someone you knoe to hook you up they arnt hard to get

Answer #23

mamk if it isnt your business then why do you care

Answer #24

I’ve been there to and it probably won’t work. Fake Ids can get you in to trouble. It doesn’t matter if you are with 100 people they look at everyone who walks past the door. I know a few people who have got asked for ID at the age of 25 so it really doesn’t matter if people have said you look 18. The bouncers job is to make sure no underage people get in- if they let someone in that gets found out to be underage they will loose there badge and there job. Sorry to disappoint but it’s best to not go- getting your hopes up and then letting them down will be annoying.

Answer #25

let me a tell you a secret, my cousin was a bouncer, hot girls ALWAYS get in, if your looking fine as hell, they aint gonna check nada, so being a girl and all you have a 95% chance at success, just dress up and put some makeup on but dont make urself trashy looking, try looking sexy borderline classy, but for all the dudes, sorry guys but all the makeup and dress up aint gonna make us look older, you just gotta wait til proper age. good luck

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