Im so fat !

How do I loose 30 Pounds In 4 weeks ? School Starts back up and I need to look good . Dont tell me a crock of Bullsh!t because I dont need it . My week has been bad and ughh ! anyway ; I just need to know a plan that will make me loose 30 pounds in 4 weeks without takeing pills or starving myself . help me =[ . Oh ; Im am 160 and 12 and a half years old ! I didnt think I weighed that much . =[ .

Answer #1

listen you dont lose weight like that in 4 weeks and if you do its not staying off… you should talk to a professional and set up a plan and goals! hope you reach yours!

Answer #2

iight drank a lot of water no junk food do jumping jaks or sence its hot this summer just wear a lot of clothes and sweat the fat off it works and drank water

Answer #3

someone told me today, this very unhealthy way to lose weight- but apparrently it works. he lost 100 pounds in 4 monthes. im not sure if he lied or what. and it seems very hard to do. but he said. he get’s soy milk. the kind in the cardboard jugs ya know. drinks 1/3 for breakfast (which you can substitute with orange juice.) 1/3 for lunch and 1/3 for dinner- that’s the whole jug. so you’d be drinking one a day. and you can eat an apple anytime during the day. but it seems like your blood sugar would get really low, and you’d be missing some nutrients you need.

Answer #4

Exercise, eat better. It’ll take more than 4 weeks to lose 30 lbs healthfully and don’t worry about it really. You will grow into you size, you are 12. Most normal 11-13 year old girls are pudgy. You will grow in height and your body will even out.

Answer #5

no fast food, no junk food, no soda, more greens try to eat slower fillls you much more that way. after every meal drunk green tea! makes you use the bathroom but thats the point! but drunk more water 8 glasses a day! when you feel hungry and its not time to eat yet. get a samll snake. thats healthy like fruits. walk/run everyday, uh thats all I can think off tell me if it works. those are the things im doing to lose weight. and I’ve been on it for about 2weeks lost 15pounds already.

Answer #6

try this thing called Wu-Yi tea it’s friggin great. my metabolism is sooo bad because of my eating disorder that I had for the past 11 years, but this tea stabalized my metabolism, curbed my apetite, and gave me lots of energy! it’s basically oolong tea, except that it’s very very high quality and very fresh. literally they pick it, process it with an ancient technique that’s not really used any more because it takes a longer time and costs more money but it makes all the difference in the world from regual store bought stuff. seriously I started drinking it and I lost 5lbs in a day and a half! it’s unusual but it’s possible! it’s I pay 25$ for 30 tea bags but they do free trials. they send you the tea for like 4$ for shipping and let you try it for two weeks, if you don’t li ke it you send the unused portion back and that;s it. I say try it…ify ou ask me. I’ve tried a lot of thos teas before and they never worked except f**cked my stomach up really badly.

Answer #7

to gurugl012’s advice…dont drink soda period!diet soda wont make you lose weight it still has lots of salt and other things that make you gain weight!and its better to eat grilled chicken salad that crispy!its good to drink 8glasses of water but at least 5

Answer #8

wow I have the same problem im about to b 13 and I weigh 160 I also want to lose 30-40 pounds if you figure anything out let me know!my sister always recomends green tea but I don’t know if it works…

Answer #9

wel lok hunny first of all you need to love yourself for who you are and it dont matter what nobody else thinks…wake up everyday and make yourself believe that you are beautiful and dont need no bodys opinion but your own now if you want to change for yourself then go right a head but love yourself for who you are..

Answer #10

try dance dance revolution for like an hour a day , try drinking 1 to no soda a day and switch to diet soda , when you eat out and they have something healthier ( like instead of a crispy chicken sandwich get a grilled chicken sandwich ) , try to drink at least 3 glasses of water a day , , if you need some more help or questions funmail me , good juck !

Answer #11

if you wear a lot of clothes it will only get you heat stroke!!!and you dont want that!

Answer #12

drink green tea and eat healthy NO junk food exercise and its actually better to eat about 6 meals a day but not big meals small instead of 3 bigs meals at least I was told that and by exercising every day for 30 minutes drinking lots of water [ because I dont like green tea] and by eating aroung 5-6 small meals a day I lost 50 pounds in 3 months but I dont know about 4 weeks

OH and dont get to caught up in lossing weight to where yooh are throwing up after every meal if you dont loose weight easily maybe god put you on this earth to be a lil big and if so thats how he wants you yo stay!!!


Answer #13

wehn people say eat NO junk food yeah dont… but instead of ice weight watcher ice creamm .SOO much better instead of chips eat the light chips instead of regualr candy weight watcher candy you will save like 10 lbs if you bye weight watcher things im DEAD serios weight wacther food tastes exasclyy like regular junk food but its wattyyy better and less then half the cal. fat. cabrs.

Answer #14

Well really it’s only possible to lose up to 2 llbs a week. MY dad was a personal trainer & he used to try to train me cause I’m big as well..well not big big but … big enough lol. anyways.. uhmm good luck not much I can really say.

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