Im really depressed.

im 14,,im a guy, my biirthday was may 11, and I just always feal depressed, im good at hiding it, but for say, when I go on the computer and talk to my friends, I cant help but ket it all out. but it dosent make me feel better. I only feal worse. I can NOT tell anybody about this. I already get teased and picked on at school, even though in 5’8. I’ve taken one quiz on the internet, it it said I was something like “severly depressed”, which didnt boost my fealings. I dont want to see anybody unless I really HAVE TO , because like I said, im only more vuneraable when people have a reason to pick on me. I dont cut, or any of that. but im really starting to get sme weird feelings, so I tried to get some help on the internet which led me here. please help me. :(

Answer #1

Being a teenager is very hard, there are some cruel people out there. I know how you feel about being picked on in school, I went through that all through high school. I ended up dropping out in 11 th grade but went back that fall and received my dipolma. You can try to think of some quick come backs when they tease you. Sometimes we don’t feel we fit in but it is really they don’t fit in with us…start getting involved in something that makes you happy…either working with children, getting involved in a non profit by volunteering, just getting out of the house and being involved in life…the more you stay in that room surrounded by depression it gets hard to no be depressed, change your room colors, bring in something that makes you happy be it pictures, music, hobbies or being around people who like you for the wonderful person you are. We all can’t look alike if we did we would be boring…You have a lot to offer the world…think of Bill Gates he is a nerd and not a handsome man but look at what he accomplished and no one looks like him…see you can really do what ever you heart desires. I know you will come out of this difficult time and be happy and have a great life…you can talk to a teacher you like or an older person who has gone through depression..,,it is hard to share the sadness you feel I know becasue some people just dont’ understand depression unless they have been depressed them selves. I see you working with animals and doing quite well in life…what goes around come around. Just think some day you will be successful and all those people who picked on you or make fun of you will be flipping burgers at Mac Donalds and you will have a nice family, home and great career…

Answer #2

Hey I used to get severely depressed too. So if you need someone to talk to funmail me =) And yes, I do think you should get help because honestly…there’s nothing else that helps! I know it’s scary and it’s kind of admitting you have a problem but otherwise, you will be depressed for a lot longer than you have to. There is a lot of medication out there these days for this kind of thing that could really help you. But do becareful because apperently some have the ironic side-effect of “may give you the urgde to comitt suicide”. Trust me, I’ve tried that whole talking thing and I swear it made me feel more depressed. I actually found that if I pretended that I wasn’t depressed (online too) I actually found that I was less depressed most of the time…but then again when I did get depressed it was a lot worse because I felt I had know one to talk to (especially as when I did, most people told me I was attention seeking). I also think you need to get the bullying sorted out because with that still there your depression will still be there. Talk to your parents and they can talk to the school. I know it’s everybody’s fear to be a snitch or whatever but you really can’t let them get away with it, especially as they may be doing it to other people. You could also think about moving to a new school and start a new life? Hope this helped x

Answer #3

I know I need to, but im afraid to tell someone, also, im afraid if I get anywehere near meds ill just go overboard.

Answer #4

hey you know what man,first of all dont jump to conclusions and feel you need medical attention just yet,im 28 and at 14 I felt like I was under a lot of depression,I was teased and all that,unfortunately it happens to some of us,but I look back now,and those feelings were just normal,again unfortunately…and I can only imagine if I would have went to a psycoligist,he probly would have put me on drugs,but you dont want to do that just yet..because it may not be necessary,I got through it,but if I had to do it again,and somehow make it easier I would defenately talk to someone close to you,friends are good,but at your age their advice may not be to well,most teens your age have their own issues their dealing with wether you know it or not,so thats why you should discuss how your feeling with a loved one,but just remember this ,you have a lot of better days ahead of you,no matter how you feel now,just look to the future for some comfort,bad times will pass man,as far as that teasing stuff the only way they will stop,is to show them that their not bothering you,even thouth it may,but the thing is to not show your afraid of them,and that they are not important to you,either way,like I said bad times will pass,dont stress yourself,find things you like,and things you like to do and indulge yourself in those things,and one more thing,really conscentrate on what your learning at school,because when you grow up,your education and knowledge will then in return tease the goof balls who are picking on you,education can be great revenge against anyone who is bothering you,you will leave them way behind,dont over think things,take it easy and feel good about who you are man,you have plenty of life to be lived…hope this helps buddy…remember find a loved one to confide in.peace

Answer #5

heyy I dont know who you are or what your story is but someone out there cares for you and dont want to see you like this. I know its hard but truly your supposed to be here everyone is. dont give up keep fighting.

Answer #6

naw dude medicine helps a lot…like I still dont get none but I mean thats because I accepted christ into my life, so thats my medication, but I mean its all up to you

Answer #7

naw well dude I get depressed a lot too…like just randomly…then again I get in trouble a lot and have gotten close to suicide but thats not the point, like you gotta go see a pshyciatrist and get him to perscribe you some anti depressents…and whatever you do dont like start self medicating, thats what I did and I just made things worse

Answer #8

Want to try something DIFFERENT ??? just do the following RIGHT NOW ;

1–chant ‘hari om’(hari as in HURRY & om as in HOME without the ‘H’) do this repetedly & a point will come where you will feel like you just want to close your eyes ( in that case case do it).At this point increase the number of O in om like HARI OOOM & then HARI OOOM & so on.when you chant this VEDIC MANTRA then remain silent (no thinking!,fidgeting,moving,etc) for an amount of time taken to chant this one mantra.this looks very very simple but its effects are very very very large (even ALBERT EINSTEIN would not had imagine it !!!). this is called ‘CHUP SADHANA’ & I learned it from ‘param pujya ASARAMJI bapu’.—>” “ also read JEEVAN RASAYAN a book from —“… “ tihs will help remove all weakness from you,believe me millions have obtained benefits from it ,literally.

note: women durimg their periods are not to chant OM but they can chant HARI

this I say to you on basis of teachings of ‘param pujya ASARAMJI bapu’

Answer #9

I know how you feel, you can funmail if you want to talk (: at school in grade 7 all the guys I knew and a few I liked came up to me and said hey can we see your arms. And lots of people get teased, unfortunatley not everyone does something about it. And when you do act its not always the best choice believe me. The choices I made about all that lead me here. First year of high school I skipped 3/4 of the first semster and the whole second semester, I got into a lot of trouble. Then the school forced me to see a theorpist guy…I was like this is embrassing, I dont want to share my life with some guy who pretends to know whats going on, it was pretty funny though… Anyways if you feel you cant tell anyone, I mean sit down with someone and explain your life or even tell friends you can always talk to me :] I defently know what your going thru.

Answer #10

Do you no why your depressed, I mean is it the teasing?? If you can’t talk to your friends about it then who can you talk to?? You should be able to pour your heart out to those people who care for you like your frendz… Maybe you should try seriously digging deep into your heart and try figuring out what’s making you feel this way. And dont ever let those kids who tease you see that it hurts cause that just eggs them on to do it more, just try to ignore it and talk to some one I’m a total stranger but you could talk to me:)

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