im moving out im 15 atm im moving out next feb il b 16 thn. I don't

im 16 im moving out next feburary with my 20 yr old boyfriend. Things at home are quite bad and I’ve SELFHARMED and im on ANTI DEPRESSENTS. So its BEST for me to move out. My boyfriend lives in a kinda bed sit(but has 2rooms), his land lord said id have to pay towards rent, which is fine. but next july I shall be LEAVING SCHOOL. I want to go to COLLAGE, therefore I wont be able to have a JOB. so I wont have MONEY to pay to go to collage. me and my boyfriend are REALLY happy and we know its the RIGHT thing todo. HOW can I get a job, and go to collage. OR go to collage and not have a job. I dont have a clue PLEASE HELP! email me IF you have any advice.

Answer #1

The only thing I know of is by getting married…which you have to have guardians approval at that age..depending on where you live. If your parents don’t want you to move out…there is not much you can do. If you are in an abusive situation, seek help or you may be able to live with other relatives. Emancipated? LOL isn’t that where you are ill due to not eating? Please clarify :) Yes….moving out and having to go back home defiantly sucks! I think if I had it to do over I would have tried to move in with my grandparents, just to take the tension between my parents and I down. Rather, I moved out then back in and put up with the yelling etc…until I was of age. My parents we so strict on me…no boyfriends, couldn’t go any where , you know the type…over protective to a degree where it causes problems. Girls…if you really want to move out, just make sure you are moving to a safe environment, where all your needs WILL be met. If you have any doubts….trust your gut feeling!

Answer #2

not all places have the same laws. It may not be illegal where she is living. Your parents could cause problems if it is illegal where you live. It may also be illegal for you to be having sex with your 20 yr old boyfirend…only reason I mention that is because your parents could try to file legal action against him…to keep you from seeing him….Be careful…this is a very touchy situation. Make sure you finish high school! College can be funded by student loans…you can go to your local college that you are interested in and talk to a financial aid adviser for more info, although where I live you can only get government loans at that age with your parents tax info on file, even if you don’t live with them…unless you are married. If its you dating your boyfriend causing the problems at home then keep it on the down low that you guys are seeing each other.

Answer #3

Dont screw this up hun im 16 also and i was ganna move into my bfs house with him but uh well my mom got a restraigning order against him. I have a questiona nd i need sum help too i wanna move out and stuff but idk how i can i am getting ajob in like a coupld weeks and i dont have a car but i have money and im still in highschool how the hell do i get emancipated or move out legally? -bev

Answer #4

Dear sxc_c,

i don’t think moving out is the best solution. i can relate, because my older sister is 17 and things aren’t good with her at home with her either. if you want to go to college then stay put in your house and get a job now to start saving up…i know you and your boyfriend are happy but, if you want to go to college you can’t spend like everynight with him. your going to have to work hard for what you want, and trust me, if you want it that bad, you’ll take this advice and stay home. things will wokout…you’ll see.

Answer #5

You can do both, go to college and have a job. It’s called part-time, hun. I hope you know that it’s illegal to be living with a 20 y/o, not to mention that you’re leaving your family while you’re so young. Anyways, you can go to community college easily than you could a university. Unless you get scholarships. So, try that. Part time jobs are easy to find, just look around. They’re usually in super markets and fast food, but a job’s a job.

Answer #6

hi, I have a question, im kinda in the same problem, im 15 turing 16 on march 16… I currently live with my grandparents due to being in an abusive home.. I can no longer stay in this home due to family problems.. I have an 18 year old fiance and I was wondering if I can move out before im 15 or do I have to wait till im 16, and how much do you think I could ghet on welfare if I got an apartment with my fiance? since hes 18? also to add, I may be pregnant?? and I know if I am you get more money?? please help? I dont know what to do?

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