im losing intrest

hello im 17 and like most people I’ve spent my entire life in school.. well I’ve been sick of it since like 4th grade and I still have one more year till I graduate… but though I want to leave my school I feel very scared to leave behind the only thing and pretty much the only people that I’ve known my whole life.. I’ve given up the main thing I wanted to be because of the amount of schooling I’d have to go through to become a vet and the large amount that I would cost… since I changed what I wanted to be I no longer see any point in going to school.. I dont want to go to college but I dont want to end up working at some stupid min. wage job and ruin my life.. I’m smart enough to make it and if I felt like it I could easily make it through but I just see so little point in going to school to become something that im not as interested in… I’ve wanted to be a vet since I was like 4ish so yeah and now I have to change it because though my parents say we can make it I know we dont have the money it’d take to send me to a vet school that I wouldnt get laughed at for attending when I went to get a job.. there isnt much of a question in here but if you can think of anything to tell me that might help me out please do

Answer #1

Well I don’t know about you but as soon as I graduate from high school I will join the army or Marines. Can’t think of anything better than dying for the country we live in and love. In the end you will make the right choice no matter what kind of advice you get off here. Good luck

Answer #2

well my school is saying that they wont let us graduate early anymore.. I was doing okay with putting up with it till this year because our school just went completely crazy strict and I hate it… I feel bored at school.. I want to go to college I am going with the school im going to to become a RN.. and then eventually a nurse practitioner… is mostly covered by my texas tomorrow fund.. but I have no challenge at school.. im in all advanced classes and bored out of my mind the only class that gives me even the least bit of trouble is chemistry and at the moment its not even troubling me… I love to be challenged but school doesnt do it … that is why I want out of there.. atleast college is supposed to be difficult

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I would go on to collage.. My family doesnt have the money for me to go to collage either but with todays economy, it’s needed. It’s called a loan, and pretty much everyone whos in collage had to get one.

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Do you have a job now? If not see if you can get a part time job helping at a local vet’s office… It may help you really decide if that’s something that you want to commit to. And the school thing… See if you are able to graduate early… Talk to your school counselor and see what the fastest way to graduate would be. That way you still do and you get out faster… Going to regular school is ok for some but others (like me) thought it was a waste of time. So in my jr year I left, home schooled and finished about 6 months later. So you have options. You should talk to your parents and your counselors to see what your options are and then go from there. Good luck!

Answer #5

Only have a year to go - that’s not long ! - hang in there - you may be losing interest but you definitely know it’s in your best interest…Take care !!

Answer #6

High school graduates earn more than those who dont graduate. People with bachelors earn significantly more than those with high school diplomas. And so on. It is the rest of your life. You cant spend one more year in school in order to make your life better? People who drop out rarely ever go back. Dont make things harder on yourself. If you cant afford a 4 year degree, start off at a community college. You can always transfer those credits later on. And my friend is in med school. Her parents arent paying for any of it, she took out loans. If you really want something bad enough, you can always find a way. Dont use money as an excuse. This is the rest of your life.

Answer #7

Definitely don’t quit high school now. It’s completely normal to feel that way when you’re getting close to the end. I did too because I lived in a really small town and went to school with the same people for 12 years. If you really start focusing now and trying your best, you could get a scholarship. That would go a long way towards helping you with college. Don’t give up on something you’ve dreamed about for so long. This is the rest of your life. If being a vet is something that would make you happy, then you should go for it no matter what because a lot of people would love to be able to make money from doing something they truly love.

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