Should I have a baby now?

im 15 and me and my boyfriend are in a long distance commited relationship we have been going out for like 3 years. and I see babys and a couple of my friends having babys and I lok in there little eyes and I want to have one soo bad. They are soo adorable And Should I have one now Or wait a few years untill My boyfriend is done school?

Answer #1

I am seventeen years old and I thinbk Kids are awsome and I would love to have one But I no that it is better to wait till I am older and besides that I want to be married and have a great job and home to suport the baby…and untill I have that and a good partner to be the father I am not going to have a child plus I no that I am young and for that reasona lone I should wait. My Mother had me when she was 18years old…and I am in Foster care I do not want my child to have that at all. I mean no one is perfect and every family has its issues my goul is to not mess up my childern as bad as I have been messed up…and to give them a better life. My Mother was married and had a place to live and was pretty well off when she had me…until you have at the very least that I would not suject haing childern.

You need a job, and house, insurence, a car, to be done with school, and you are 15years old you should enjoy being a child while you have the chance to do so. Being adult is a lot of hard work trust me I am almost one and I no life gets harder as you get oloder you will start to see what I am talking about.

wait a little while before you change your life and some one elses.

Answer #2

yes wait my cousin was 15 and had a baby the day she went in to labor she was so excited and after that day she always calls me crying wishinh she would of waited if you want a life you will listen please and my sister is 18 and has 2 and she is the most deppressed person I have ever met in my life

Answer #3

Wait! Wait! Wait! Nothing in your life is stable right now. A long distance relationship?? Pshaww…no way. You are too young, you have to have money saved up for all the expenses, starting with paying the doctor by your 7th month of pregnancy.

Please don’t even think about making me pay for it with my tax dollars.

Answer #4

I can answer this one! You NEED to wait! You’ve asked questions like, “clothes to slim me down?” and “how to get rid of love handles?” These are all signs that you are very involved in your looks and your body. Deciding to have a child is also deciding to be pregnant and gain at least 25-55 extra pounds! After having a baby your body really is never the same. Yes you can be thin again, but it’s still not the same as before you have a child. I recommend that you wait a while before you have a baby, you’re not ready to give your body to your baby! And that’s exactly what happens!

Hope this was a reality check!

Answer #5

hey …your 15 you have the rest of your life to have a baby..yeah they are cute…but…its a lot of work…just because your friends are having babys…doesnt mean you should ..and if you and this guy really are planning to have a life together..u need to wait…how would you support a child…and if he is still in school how is that going work..and far away if you want a baby make sure you both are faithful to each other…and most guys want to be there for there girlfriend or wife…cause its somthing you both need to go threw together …best is to wait!!!…take care

Answer #6

Definitely wait! They may be cute and tug at your heart - but babies take an INCREDIBLE amount of responsibility, time, love, commitment, and MONEY. And at 15 you likely don’t quite have enough of those to do it. Not to mention a long distance man won’t be around to help you!

Besides - marriage should be a first step so you can give your children stability and strong role models in parents who love each other.

In the meantime - maybe you could offer babysitting services so you can still enjoy babies and yet be able to wait to have your own.

Answer #7

Ignore all these people!!! I am 22. I was in the same situation. I still dont have kids. Only you know if your ready! There are programs to help with doctor bills, diapers, formula and now even clothes! You can have a baby shower and get a lot of things too! There are days it will be hard! But in the end it would be worth it! Babies are sooo sweet and if you love him go for it! My brother was 18 and his wife was 14 when she got pregnet They now have 4 kids! the oldest is 17 and the youngest is 6!!! They are so happy!!!

Answer #8

just wait… im your age, and I would have serious thought about killing myself if I was pregnant. you also gotta think of what would be good for the baby as well, could you provide a good life for it, how are you still going to go to school, who would babysit, things like that… numerous things similiar to what I’ve listened to become a huge problem & it’s just a good idea to wait until you’re able to take care of yourself, let alone another human being.

Answer #9

you should wait till your an adult, maybe 25, thats when most people have a stable job and are already married. basically when your married and financially stable. I love babies too, I’m 13, but I know they are definetly a hand ful, I’ve helped take care of a baby for like a day, it’s exhausting. if you want to be around babies, help take care of your baby cousins or do babysitting, it’ll feed your need for now.

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Answer #11

now how are you supposed to have a baby if you and himm have a long distance relationshipp.?

Answer #12

BEST Plan: education, ring, date, marriage, financially established, then baby…Be smart !!

Answer #13

You are definitely too young to have babies.Wait.Have patience.No rush.No rush.

Answer #14

no you are to yung to ruin your life

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