How can I get all this weight off?

I am really fat. I dont feel good about my self at all I have tried to stop eating but then I always do . I have tried vitamins with green tea to curve my apetite but it does’nt help. And I have tried Acelaris(the new meds for fast weight los). But that does’nt work either.It is at a point now where every day I look in the mirror and cry…because I hate what I see. No matter what I do the pounds still stay on. I get jelous at all the girls I see on TV and out at my school who have all of the guys and are so popular bcause they are all like under 120 lbs.And it might not seem that much for people bigger than me but I am only 13 and already 175 lbs. It is hard to fit in some times cause I can’t wear some /or most of the clothes that all of my friends can wear. And especially in the summer I can’t wear a Bikini.So anyway my question is ….”Ladies I really need some advice here I am stuck between a rock and a Fat place. How do I quickly get the pounds off with-out followaing a really discusting meall for like two months. I want the pounds off now and fast and I am on the verdge of just going on with being anerexic untill I am satisfyed. Help me please!”

Answer #1

I feel the same way except i am 16. I am overweight but I don’t expecially look huge or anything. I have a lot of muscle in my legs and arms so that doesn’t help me either. When I was 13 I weighed 169 and I was horrifyed. I wanted to lose weight so bad. I stil haven’t but I am trying. That’s all oyu can do is try. And the only other reason I haven’t lost weight is becuase I am somewhat depressed and I don’t get any excercise. But now that school is starting up I had a long talk with my mom (she’s overweight to) and crying and the hole nine yards but anyways she said that we just have to be serious and persistant or it’s never going to happen. I am going to go on slimfast where you drink that stuff. All you do on that is drink one can for breakfast, one for lunch, and then none for supper, you just eat a normal healthy supper. I heard it works so I’m going to do that and excercise. EXCERCISE is the key! GOOD LUCK DARLING! I HOPE THE BEST FOR YA!

Answer #2

okay sweetie. i had the same problem back when i was 13. i used to be a pro gymnast and i’ve always been skinny until i turned 12. I moved from california to colorado and i was really depressed, i dropped out of gymnastics and never done it since then. I started eating a lot of junk food and went from 106 pounds to 155 in 1 year, i also was really short and you could tell even more, i went from a size 3 to a 12 in jeans. i guess i already have the tendency since everyone in my family is overweight too. i was really down and always cried when i looked in the mirror too. but my freshmen year in high school was coming up and i knew i needed to do something about it. i went on this high protein diet which did miracles on me! i also signed up for gymnastics again plus i got a gym membership. i lost almost all the weight i gained. i’m 17 years old now, i’m 5’9, 125 lbs and very healthy. i have a nice athletic body and i’m down to a size 4 in jeans. I’m very happy with the way i look. The secret is not to stop eating or take weight loss pills, the secret is to have a way more active life, slow down on the junk food, drink tons of water, eat vegetables, chicken, meat, just eat whatever you want but make it healthy. when you are craving fast food, just choose a grilled chicken sandwich instead of a big mac or a baconator. Also, do lots of exercise, go jogging whenever you have the time, sign up for a gym or for a school sport. but you MUST BE CONSISTANT! remember, if you don’t do it for yourself, nobody else will. and those extra pounds won’t go away by themselves. just remember to eat very healthy! because crash diets are not good for your body.

tip: eat 6 small healthy meals a day, drink lots of water, and DO NOT STOP doing exercise.

u’ll see the results in no time!

Answer #3

exercise and a healthy diet. the HEALTHY way to loose weight is 1 or 2 lbs a week. any more is just water weight and no results. even walking for 30 minutes every day is very effective. its wont be that difficult for someone as young as yourself to loose weight because you are so young and your metabolism is very flexible.


not everyone will judge you for your looks.. i know how hard it is to fit in but you need to understand something.. everyone is never satisfied with fitting in. even the prettiest girl in your school is most likely just as or more self concious then you.


you are a beautiful person no matter what and in this process of becoming a new person.. dont forget your true friends and the ones you love.

     xox nathalie
Answer #4

don’t starve yourself. honestly, all it does is make you feel bad.

i know what you are going through. i used to feel the same way. if you are looking for a diet sort of thing, try weight watchers [it works for my mom]. i ,myself, am a vegetarian. im not saying you should be too, but keep in mind that red meat are horrible for you. they are loaded with saturated fats. fruits and vegetables are yummy, and low cal, plus they will fill you up. it doesn’t happen overnight, but you will lose a few pounds every week. if you want something like a diet pill, try Hoodia. it curbs your appetite like you would not believe.

whatever you decide to do, drink a ton of water!

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