Im afraid ...eatin out or fingered???

im afraid to get eatin out or fingered but my boyfriend wants to do it since I've gave him a hj but do guys like it hairy or non hair what should I do because I dont want to b embrassed if I dont shave or what if it smell give me sum tips

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sum guyz don't like hair,,, bt 2 most it don't matta as long as you don't gotz a jungle lol

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Firstly, every regular vagina is going to smell...if I was ever with a girl and it didn't smell I would assume that she had a problem. If he's mature enough he'll understand that.

Vagina's aren't suppose to smell like flowers or strawberries.

Second, whether he wants it shaved or not is up to him. Personally, I think pubic hair is disgusting..if I went down on my girlfriend and she didn't shave, and I was choking on hair half the time...I really wouldn't want to do it, ever. The same goes for her - when she goes down on me, she doesn't want to choke on my nasty hair, either.

But again, that's just me. If you and your boyfriend have (hopefully) been with each other for at least a few months, then there shouldn't really be a problem with communication.

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