Im addicted to pop

Really what do I do im goig to get fat & I hate fat people

I drink so much pop my fav is dr.pepper

& I dont know what to do?

I drink about 3 or 4 a day.

Answer #1

wow nothing is wrong with fat people ; I think fat people are awsomeee ; skinny people are just stuck up :)

Answer #2

well we hate you too deary have a nice time when you get to size 20 jeans :)

Answer #3

I brush my teeth unlike u

Answer #4

Well I might be a brat . but atleast im not a FAT A*SS & I KNOW for sure im not ugly casue I got peoel comeing up to me all the time telling me im pretty & stuff so You guys can take your FATTNESS somewheer else.

Answer #5

you hate fat people? wow betch I drink 3 sodas a day. and im realy skinny

Answer #6

thanlk you volleeit18
for your comment & yes if I even got 0ver 150 I would kill myself

& right now I weigh 122 & im scared of getting bigger. its like one of my worst fears.

& for all of yoy who got offened im sorry for expressing how I fell about fat people

but they do disgust me diff when they let their fat hang out


Answer #7

ok im sure for every one who might have been offended by “I hate fat people” im sure what Amber_thinks_meatis_murder was trying to point out was how she would personally hate to be fat because of certain unfortunate and unjustice-like ridicule some overweight people have faced. Im sorry if Ambers question offended you but maybe try and see what she actually meant, but you do have a right to be angry with somebody saying they hate a whole group of people.

Ok so Amber- Definitly switch to Diet soda. Its not going to just automaticly go away (your love for soda) try cutting back like maybe only drink one and pour 1/4 of it into a cup drink that…than a liitle later pour somemore and drink it in incrimants. Next I wud suggest you ask your parents/gaurdians to stop maybe supplying you with a lot of soda. Get friends on your side to help too! :)

Answer #8

HAHA your threatning people over the internet telling them they will get beat up HAHA ‘’its not like I’ve never been in a fight before’ just suggests you havent… grow up and get a life and hope you get fatt =]

Answer #9

if I were you I wouldnt start drinking diet like that one person said! it tastes discuting and can give you a disease (true fact) anyway just do this: 1. get rid of all the pop in your house your have someone hide it from you 2. tell all your friends and family to make sure you dont drink pop and take it away if you do 3. start drinking somethink else like milkshakes, juice, hot chocolate 4. keep doing this for month with out pop because it takes atleast 21 days to get rid of a bad habbit 5. soon you will be able to drink pop normally like 3 times a week (OR ATLEAST NOT 3 TIMES EVERYDAY)! try it! I hope it works

Answer #10

oh foshizzlemanizzle your going to seriously GET beat up if you say stuff things like foshizzle trying to act ghetto when your prob some rich chick living in a huge house.

Who cares ill kick their A5Ses its not like I have never been in a fight before unlike you. You probably haven’t ever been in one so DON’T TALK SHI7 OR YOU’LL GET HIT!

Plus if shes fat ll just push her down & she’ll roll lol

Answer #11

Hate breeds ignorance, so make sure he wears a condom.

Answer #12

ok if your going to say shi*t to me then quit making ursle fannoymus you dumba5s cum guzzlin wh0re.

I know its you anyways

Answer #13

You hate fat people?? Well I am not exactly skinny ya hate me?

Answer #14

o well that what you get for drinkin it 3 to 4 a day I hope you get into a size 30 for all I care and for the fact ain’t shinny I am a full figure woman and I love bein one. HOLLA!!!

Answer #15

Lol well ist not all fat people its just the girls who wear swanky clothes when they k now there fat & it all hangs out gross

Yeah fat people e disgust me & if you want to be mad about it then OH fu*cking WELL

Answer #16

You won’t get fat if you do some exersise, go join a sports team or a gym, aswell as being healthy it’s a great way to meet new people and have a lot of fun. and you won’t have 2 give up your favourite drinks either, it’s a win win situation

Answer #17

Switch to Diet Dr. Pepper. It won’t give you any calories, so it won’t help you gain weight.

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