im 5 foot and 140 pounds

I am 5 foot and I weigh 140 pounds and I am a girl and I am white. I am only 14 years old and all the tests tell me I am extreamly overweight my doctor tells me that too I am only supposed to weigh 90 pounds to be healthy. I need too lose at least 40 pounds in 2-3 weeks . anyone help me? please !!

Answer #1

I don’t mean to offend anyone,but I’m just going to speak my opinion. Every where I go,I see people who complain about their weight,but yet they eat without any holding back. If you want to lose weight,EAT NOT ONLY LESS,BUT HEALTHIER! It all depends on what and how much you eat. Why not put the f*ing Bic Mac down and get a nice salad without any meat and a couple of grapes and almonds? It’s so sad but yet pathetic to see all of these young children who not only face obesity or whatever that early,but yet they go to school and get made fun of. Yes,they can help it,if they would be patient and not give up. And for adults who are overweight or obese,they are not setting a good example for kids. They personally need to get fit along with their child. What can you do? Drink more water!! Do not drink soda,even if you think ‘Oh,well I need a break from water’. No,you don’t. Drink just water. If you want some flavor go for the flavored water. Watch what you eat and how much. Never,ever overeat. Not only is it disgusting to watch someone wolf down a whole pizza and some Ramen Noodles,but it’s devestating. Be more active. Go outside,take a walk. Or play soccer in the backyard. Find something to do besides staying inside all day and eating. Stop sulking. The more you do,the more you eat. Usually when people are depressed they eat and eat and eat and eat. Keep you mind off of food after a meal. If you want more after a meal,chew some gum. Don’t eat in the middle of night or 3 hours before bed. Have a craving? Chew some Extra gum. If you’re smoking,doing drugs or drinking,STOP NOW! All it does is make you gain more,especially marijuana and cigarettes. Get some confidence. If you hate yourself,then that leads to depression. Like I said,depressed people usually eat a lot. So stop complaining,get off the damn computer and get outside! Drink water when you get thirsty. The only reason why I’m being harsh is to motivate you. Why? My mom and brother are overweight and do the same thing:Whine but yet overeat. I’ve tried telling them nicely,but next time they complain,I’ll tell them the same thing I told you. Don’t hate me,but sooner or later you’ll appreciate this. And starving yourself or purging is wayy unhealthy and the LAZY way to go. Take your time and you’ll love the results. Good luck and have fun.

Answer #2

I’m 13, white, 5’ 2”, 150+.

Answer #3

uhmm, I like to keep up with my health and weight. So I usually go to the gym for that, or run the track. And eating? Well I basically tend to eat, but just a little but have like a fruit or so by my side, and a bottle of water. But if you can’t do that, then after eating try doing some exercises afterwards.

Answer #4

go to this: and your not much over weight, your healty and you still have time to grow

Answer #5

sorry but I dont knwo if I beleuev you about the doctor thig I think you jsut might be sayign that so you dont get responses sayign you arent overweight…if he did say that then your doctor is a complete moron and he should not have a medical license…90 pounds is very underweight and its a dangerous weight to be at…maybe you should weigh 90 is you are like 9 or 10 years old but not at your age you should weight 125-135 and I am 19 and I have taken a bunch of health classes and I have done fitness tests in high school and have been to the doctors a lot more than you so I knwo what I am saying…do not lose weight at all you are fine…get a new doctor though.

Answer #6

so you gotta leave out the snacks, choclate, irregular eating hours,, you gotta do excersises you gotta eat healty meals not fast food and all that ask your mam to cook you low fat food if you eat a lot of fattin foods at home and I’ve lost a lot of weight in the space of 2 months I went from fat fat to 6pac and I ended up with dark blue stretch marks across my hips and they dont go but they turn white with time but better not to have them but if its health realted forget about the marks I have them like lol

Answer #7

wow take it easy girl dont try to loose that much weight in that short period of time first if you really want to loose weight change your eatting habbits eat 6 times a day but SMALL portions like for example eat veggies or yogurt special k bar and fruits and do exercises walk for atleast 30 minutes everyday and if you live close to the beach is great because you can walk ton the sand:) or tell your parents to sign you in a gym

Answer #8

I cant help sorry, but if it makes you feel any better im 5ft 5 1/2in and weigh 194lbs and im a white girl :\

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