How can I stop my vagina from smelling so bad?

im 15 years old and my vagina smells like fish and its really strong even when im on the bus I can smell it morning and afternoon. I wash take a shower everyday and sometimes a bath once in a while but it does not seem to help and when im in class I can hear people talkin about how much I smell and recently I heared a girl say she smells worst today and I started to cry cause I was embarssed

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Hey. You really do need to see a ob/gyn…but if you can’t get to one, go to the drug store buy a douche…they even make things like norforms which are made to desolve inside your vagina and stop oders.

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hey, you can just eat yogurt, it blances out your body, I would not suggest smearing it on your genitals, the good, live cultures only stay active for a short period of time, that could cause a worse odor in the morning - wash yourself daily, with soap, if soap burns your vagina you have problems cause it should, I wouldn’t use lava soap, bute regular soap, like a liquid shower gel will be just fine - I would also suggest you do something to get your juices flowing, masterbate, it is a normal way to cleanse the vagina, you blow your nose right, it cleans the passages, you have a bowel moverment right and it clears the passages… same as an orgasam, it clears the passage… and now I will share with you a womans best friend, and that is vinegar, mix it with 1 teaspoon hydrogen peroxide, 1 teaspoon baking soda and go a 50/50 viegar and water split, douche with this, all your odor with go away, infections will heal, and even your yeast infections will begin to go away and itch much less - only use this occasionally, douching is not good regulary, your body needs to cleanse it’s self, and to do that you need to get those juices flowing and bath regularly. Just one more thing, perfumes only mask an odor, they don’t get rid of t, if you usethe perfume advise you are just going to smell like a fish that has put on perfume…

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hello dear, I think you need to change your diet. try going on a more healthy diet, it worked for a girl I knew for seven years, she had the same problem, and she flushed out her system and started on a more healthy diet. please try that friend cause I understand the constant humiliation you are undergoing. take care

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First of all it’s sad females don’t know their own bodies and they’re giving advice. 9 times out of 10 the reason your vagina smells like fish is because you ate seafood. Secondly your chemistry may not mix well with the soap you use down there which causes the smell. Thirdly you may not be washing it correctly. Try using Summer’s Eve.(it’s not a soap but foams like one and is specifically made for a woman’s vagina. And it gets rid of all the vaginal bacteria and odor. It never burns like soap after using it more than a few times. Thirdly, you may have an infection. And if all I mentioned above fails, see your doctor. Your vagina should never smell after cleaning it correctly. You don’t just wash yourself once or twice when you’re a female. You have to wash at least five times. I myself wash mine about seven times and I smell it after each wash and rinse to make certain its clean as a whistle. The hairs and all around the area, the skin surrounding the vagina and the clitoral area should be washed sufficiently.And drink lots of water. Eat lots of fruits. And when eating seafood do it on the days you won’t have to go to work or school on the very next day.Because you will smell like fish. Some women, more than others. I hope this helps. And to all you women who think you know your vaginas. Explain why you have three holes with your urethra being one and the others are on each side of the urethra.

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Oh my I have the exact same problem, and I know it isn’t a yeast infection and I’ve tried everything that everyone said. I think some girls just stink more than others. You can also try to use a maxi pad, (the ones that smell nice) perfume isn’t exactly the greatest, it starts to itch, and let me tell you,when your in school and you have an itch down there. Like I said, you can put a maxi pad in the morning, and you can take one with you for during recess, This trick also helps with discharge.

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Dear omni_mario1, You need to see a doctor ASAP there should never be an odor this strong. It could be as simple as yeast infection or something more serious. But this isn’t normal and you will be happy you’ve seen a doctor…and so will everyone around you. Sue…good luck

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You can go buy summer eve’s ordor spary its will help you…and stop the fishy ordor…!! But you must take your finger and wash inside your vagina hole it self make sure its clean inside and out…!! another thing is shower gels wash your skin with shower gels soap up your hand with bath and body shower gel etc…and start to clean inside of it I bet the odor will go away dont stress yourself okay!!

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oh my gosh im so sorry to hear that..haha…u know what I do to prevent bad smells??? instead of wiping myself wit toilet paper,I wipe wit wipies…I carry a lil bottle called Summers Eve…its a feminine deodorant spray..u just spray it on your underwear and your vag. (but not inside your vag.) and you smell and feel fresh the whole day.also, try to just ALWAYS keep clean and stay healthy,dont drink a lot of sodas or eat junky stuff..wear underwears that can breathe and dont wear pants that ar too tight and wear undies that aremade of like cotton or sumthing because a girls vag needs to have sum air,otherwise ull just be sweating and have a horrible stink..I hope I helped out…GOOD LUCK! and dont let those idiot classmates bring you down…if I wer with u,I would totally kik their asses

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This just sounds like bacterial vaginosis. (its a fishy smell). It’s basically when the bad bacteria in the vagina overtakes the good. Just pop to your local STD clinic - theyre very good - they see this all the time. Happens quite a lot when the menopause is coming or going or things in your life aren’t going right. Nothing to worry about and so easy to sort out. Good luck girls - Sally.

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well wash it good inside and out , perfume the undies,and or go to the doc if this doesn’t help

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girl I don’t know bathe more often keep yourself up you are a female. or go to the doctor you might have a desease or an infection.

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I heard about this on 20/20 this involves eating proper foods and avoiding heavy meats and poultry. Never use a douche it just pushes bacteria upward and use soap and water another thing you shud watch out 4 is cleaning your underwear with a mild soap instead of harsh detergents.

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I’ve had that problem as well. All I did was wash with warm water everytime I use the bathroom. And I do the same when I shawer. Dont take baths because the dirty water could go up there and give you some vacteria. Shave or trim because the hair can atract the smell too. And change your underwear everyday.

But I have a question and I hope someone can help me. Why is it that some girls or all girls have black around their vigina? It looks like your dirty of how black it is. What can you do to get rid of it?

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I would say there is not two ways to it, im a guy but I know 98% outta hundred of females vagina stinks…not a thing of shame but to avoid odor I would suggest you wash daily..make sure you stay outta heat especially when its summer…wear no tight stuff that would bring heat to places air wont reach in your body…use good fumes not the cheap 10dollas fumes…wash your undies regularly wth sweet smelling detergents…make sure you clean urself mornin afternoon and night…make sure you smell it time to time and rinse your pussi after each urine passed..this is a very good way of makin urself clean then see the doctor and make sure you update your medical records do not ignore body signs…may god bless u

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Listen you have some type of vaginal infection probably triconomosis and its treated with a simple dose of antibioic therapy. Eating has nothing to do with the odor. You can take a douche if you get your mom to show you how and she needs to know what is going on. Have you had sex? If you did and have triconomosis your partner has it to and is giving it to others he may encounter so he would have to be treated too. Go to the Library and check out some book for your age group and learn about your body. Yeast has no odor. Now another infection could be vaginosis or vaginitis and that is treated with antibiotics too. Yeast hurts to bad to carry that one around for long. You need to see the DOCTOR and don’t be scared. The nurse will help you with your modesty and answer your questions. good luck diane

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most likely sweetheart you will have to maintain yourself a little better. body washes may be a little to soft for you. you can still use but after you use a harsher soap if you like the smell. you can also carry around wipes an a feminie spray threw out the day. you may need to go to a gyno if problem still arises. noroforms work really well also, dont use the scented douche they sell the old school one where you have to put ingredients in yourself warm water etc.. take a bath instead of a shower a just soak an sit for a while. hair also attract odor may want to groom an trim wear cotton underwear let area breathe.

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Its most properbly “Bacterial vagnosis” You Can Get This By - Using scented soaps or perfumed bubble bath down there - if you put antiseptic liquids in the bath - if you douche or use vaginal deodorant - use strong washing detergents on your underwear - or if you Smoke! Even if you didnt have this and youve been doing what other people have said like douching, you properbly have it now. It is not sexually transmitted. Any syptoms such as, A change in your usual discharge, this may increase become thin and watery, change colour, usualy to white or grey, and you will develop a strong unpleasant fishy smell, especially after sex. The only way to find out if you have this is to go and get checked out by doctors or health clinics. Treatment is just a course of antibiotics :) or Cream/Gel :)

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Sweetie whatever you do please dont insert any form of soap or femine wash in your vagina, I know it can be embarassing but talk to your doctor abt it…everybody will give you their advices but remember that no two bodies or alike and what works for them might be dangerous for u. I dont think its a yeast infection and I dont think its something that you ate,I do believe that you clean urself properly too.if you are fat you might wanna drop a few pounds cause sometimes that can be a prob…all the best and I how you get through this,school kids are the worst just know that it might be long but not forever..

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You probably have Bacteria Vaginosis it’s an over growth off your flora (bacteria) in your vagina. Women naturally have bacteria in their vagina but could grow out of control causing you an unpleasant. Go to the doctor and tell them you have an odor and the will give antibiotics. Best way to keep the over growth from happening is to not wear tight clothing and not linger in wet clothing around your crotch.

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actually, for those of the women who have told you to use harsher soaps, use douches, and clean inside your vagina, that is horrible advice! they dont know what they are talking about! #1-harsher soaps, or any soaps for that matter that are not designed specifically for that purpose or are scented, will most likely cause irritation or possible infection in some cases, as the vagina is a very sensitive organ. #2-cleaning inside your vagina is a great candidate also if you are hoping for an infection. you can trap unwanted water in there and it can cause a bacterial infection. also putting soaps inside there is also not a good idea for most of the same reasons. your vagina is a self cleaning organ and it should not be messed with. it will disrupt its balanced environment or make it even more unbalanced than it is. you should avoid douches of any form for all the same reasons.

and last but not least, use a gentle cleanser specifically for that purpose and when you can, see your gyn.. this is not your fault so dont listen to those other clueless people.

Answer #23

Change your diet. Eat less meats and dairy and more veggies and fruits.

Meats and dairy can make you smelly down there and I’ve heard even taste bad. They also cause smelly farts.

Body odor can tell you a lot about your diet and what you eat.

Answer #24

U sould probably go see a doctor…but try a softer milder soap…it could be that the one your using to WAYYY to strong and it is stripping away bactieria your vag needs to “function propery” try something softer…like…dove.. or just store brand …something thats not perfumed… Hope this helps

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I study anatomy for my beauty course and its sounds like you ahve some sort of infection, I’ve read somethings on here of girls dipping yogurt on a tampon up there thats not what you do, dont insert anything up there, just get some plain yogurt and spread it on your vagina at night and just put a pad on your undies and leave it there for the night. hope this helps PS dont use a bar of soap!!! or any purfumes! are you guys flipping crazy!

Answer #26

Your vagina isn’t CLEAN… clean it USE soap ( not trying to be mean) Clean it underneath not just on the pubic hairs. and.. I’ve never had this problem because I hate germs and are always cleaning myself but if you need to cover up the smell put some perfume on your underwear.. not the vigina you could infect it if you did that. okay welll try using soap and see if it works…

Answer #27

You can go to any drug store and get vagisal (sorry if the spelling is incorrect) anyways, there is this stuff my sister bought, its vagisal odour control ( cuz she had the same issue) and it works good, and its a fair price.

Answer #28

sorry to hear that you need to c a doc or wash wash and wash and you say you bathe once ina a while dats probaly why to

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ok so check dis out mamita no worries I got the same problem && my boyfriend is always complain about it but its nt that we dun wash down dere because I shower 3 times a day &&nothing works I tried vagisel that didnt word neither it really made it worst but rite now im gonna go 2 a doctor 2 your case you shuld do da same because you never noe what it culd be… so check that kk rite bac…

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O.k. lots of BAD info on here. Dr.s do NOT reccomend douches or creams or sprays. Putting sprays to cover up the smell or putting soap into your vagina is not good for you it will only make it worse. It IS NOT your fault! It has nothing to do with not showering enough!!! A fishy smell is an infection that needs treatment!…Good luck!Get your self checked out

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hey hunny do this it may help. when your going to take a shower get some white vinegar and mix it with warm water. then wash urself. then rinse wash with a soap with no smell then repeat the vinegar with warm water. DO NOT WASH INSIDE YOUR VAGINA THAT KILLS THE NATURAL SMELL. Repeat for about 3 days 2 times a day, if it dosent work go to a doctor ASAP it could be serious.

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Alright, what I’m about to tell you might not work for you. All I can say is I’ve been using this process for about three days and it’s working fantastically. It went from raw fish to absolutely nothing.

First, I always wipe with moist wipes, never toilet paper. Toilet paper gets stuck in the clitoris area and makes it smell like urine. About three days ago, before taking a shower, I wanted to see if mine smelled bad. It smelled like raw fish and I became absolutely insecure… I didn’t even want my boyfriend getting near the area with his fingers again. So I was angry that night, so angry I decided to put my vagina in pure hell.

After washing my hair with Pantene Ice Shine shampoo, I took some extra and scrubbed it down there. I did the same with the conditioner. What is hell though, would be the Skin So Soft cooling body spray, I tried it once before and it burned like pure fire. I was so mad at my vagina that I used it. Then I took a pint of Johnson baby oil and lathered that all over it, because that was a suggestion I found online as well.

Yesterday, I tested myself once more, and it smelled only HALF as bad as the night before. So I repeated the process. And just now about 20 minutes ago, it smelled like pure nothingness.

Try the process, it works. But you can leave out the Skin So Soft spray part, if you don’t wanna burn yourself. I just believe that when it burns it kills bacteria, such as alcohol on an open zit.

I hope this helps you and any other woman looking at this post, which probably won’t even be noticed seeing as it’s in the last page -.-

Oh and, you don’t have to use a whole pint, I was just angry haha.

Answer #33

I have also heard that eating pineapple helps your vagina smell better. Cleaning your vagina at least once a day is perfectly fine. You don’t have to wash it more than that. Also make sure that when you go number 2…you don’t clean from back to front because that could also cause problems. You never want any bacteria from your anus going to your vagina. I would just recommend going to the doctor. You could get a lot of advice from sites like these but the best advice you can get would be from your doctor. I hope I helped. :]

Answer #34

my vigina smell’t like strong pee and everyone coul’d smell it then I looked on a website and it said wash inside yo’r vigina with water and drink lots of water

Answer #35

I am 15 also and I have the same problem I took there advice and started using deodrant helps me at first then yesterday for the first time I knew it was smelling.I wanted to cry so bad.then I went to the nurse and I asked her to give me some wipes and I went to the bathroom and wipe myself.then I came back to the nurse and asked her why when I have my period everyone can smell it.she said its not suppose to make that bad.she told me to drink cranberry juice and a lot of water.she said it should help. and for those people who said it might be std.I never had sex in my life im still a virgin so it cant be std.and I wash myself good specially when I have my period.I know how those girls feel when people are talking about hurts sometimes I wonder why other people dont smell when they have there sister has her period and she dont smell at all.

Answer #36

U can use maxi pads. One before you go to school and then put one on for recess. (the nice smelling ones) such as carefree, and they’re also great for before and after you period for that little bit of discharge that you get.

Answer #37

Hmmm… sounds to me like you might have VD… you Just need to go get checked by yhur doctor… Just to be on da safe side… yah digg once you do dhat and you find out whats wrong with you… try to maintain yourself a lil more… I’m going to school rite now for MA…I know better than what sum these peps telln u… don’t use perfume dwn there it only make it worst… use norform that works for meh and my dude love PAINTING MY HOUSE because IT STAY FRESH…lol

hope I helped… xx Ghud Lhuckxx

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