Is it illegal to drink alcohol before work, even if you're not tipsy or drunk?

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This is one of those tough situations. While any legitimate workplace would have you terminated for showing up drunk or even slightly intoxicated, some would do the same if they can simply smell alcohol on you.
However, many people enjoy a glass of wine or a beer with lunch and there is no repercussion. In the end, as long as you're old enough to drink, and you've had only one drink, I don't think there will be any real issue created, but you might want to chew gum or brush your teeth before going to work.

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Oh, and on the note of legality - it's illegal to be intoxicated in a public place...having a drink or two is not considered intoxicated.

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No. It isnt illegal to drink before work. When it comes to work place policies, each one has it's own rules. The place I work at did a drug test before I started working there, and there was a minimum alcohol level to test positive. Basically if you show up to work with over that level, they could fire you (the level is a lot lower than the legal limit, basically anything over one drink could put you over).

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Also it depends, if you're a doctor working in a hospital there maybe legal implications if someone dies on your watch while you've been drinking.

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Alcoholics Anonymous has a hotline.

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LMAO!! Im not an alcoholic, I was just curious because when people work at night on a saturday like me, I thought people might 'accidently' drink. lol

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In Germany I have seen Germans drink beer on their lunvh breaks. :)

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one day I had two during lunch out with a friend, worked a few hours later. My boss commented on that i smelt like beer, and that wasn't cool with her. as I was front desk ata hotel at the time, but nothing happened.

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only when its this bad:... : lol

if i worked at night like you jen id have a swift pint before work to unwind

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