Illegal downloads for music

Ok, so I know theres many things that are illegal and they happen, but if its really illegal to download music, then why are there so many sites to download them?? With all the sites out there, the fbi or whoever should know that they are out there, their not ignorant to the fact that there are them sites, so if its illegal why dont they do something bout it??

Answer #1

oh I have virus protection, my mom went crazy on it LOL, I would just like to have it b/c I listen to my mp3 a lot, and I get tired of my songs fast.

Answer #2

yeah thats what im saying, I think its waste to buy a cd when you only want 1 song, b/c thats me, I only like want 1 or 2 songs from the same artist. I cant get the java thing to download on my computer, thats why I cant get limewire

Answer #3

well then if thats the case then why make it illegal?? and I didnt say they were ignorant to the fact, I said their NOT ignorant to the fact. I just dont get why its a big deal, I mean if their not going to do anything bout it, then why does people make a big deal bout limewire and stuff, I mean I dont have a problem with it b/c I cant get it to download on my computer, but if their not going to do anythin bout it, why does some people act like its so wrong to use it, I know if its illegal its illegal, but why make ipods and mp3’s if it is?

Answer #4

it really dont matter to me, b/c I cant get limewire to download on my computer, so if I get music I get it from my good friend, she was able to get limewire on hers, I just know some people think its the worse thing you can do, but not all people has money to pay for each song and I think its a waste to buy a cd when you want one specific song. like I said I cant get anything to download on my computer, I was mostly asking b/c I just think its stupid to make a big deal out of it when their not going to do anything bout it. and them loosing money, like they dont have enough already?

Answer #5

I have limewire on my laptop, I also have 5 virus protections on my laptop just because of how much viruses and trojans come through limewire. I dont see anything wrong with it. I could care less if the music industry isn’t making the amount of money they think they should, I’m not paying 20 dollars for a CD when I only want 2-3 songs off of it. The people that make a huge deal about it, are probley just scared that they are going to get busted to downloading things.

Answer #6

There are tons of things that are illegal that are not reinforced. The laws have been around forever, back when stealing music was not so popular and easy to do. It’s not a big deal, some people just make it one. Nothing is wrong with limewire, except for the fact that it gives you ten thousand viruses. IPods and MP3 players, have cards that you have to PAY for to download music, that is why it’s not illegal. You are supposed to pay for the music you put onto them.

Answer #7

if they could do something about it they would the problem of piracy is too wide spread for one government organization to stop it. piracy is a worldwide issue, and a lot of the time nothing can be done because the websties operate in countrys where it is not illegal to download music.

Answer #8

because then you get into the legality of what constitutes a “legal” copy of something and what does not. like in america it is perfectly legal to buy a cd and make a copy of it. but it is not legal to download the same cd for free. they make a big deal out of it because people lose money because of piracy and the RIAA still sues people who they find out are downloading music illegally.

Answer #9

They are not ignorant to the fact that there are the sites. It would just be impossible and a waste of tax dollars to try and arrest and charge everyone who stole music offline.

Answer #10

Limewire really isn’t worth it if you dont have the proper virus protection. Even with protection, some still manage to get threw and it slows your laptop down. I have it on my old laptop, the only reason why we use that one is for limewire. So I’m not to worried about it.

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