If your not living yout life the way you want then your not living!

Would you agree? My view that you only live once If your not doing what you want then your not living life to its fullest.

Answer #1

(1)”If your not living yout life the way you want then your not living!”

yall are “dumb” obviously you dont ge tthe question especially Koolish

“Im saying if your working just to live your not living at all your jsut surviving Techniacally you are living but you have no life”

COMMENT: (my thoughts only) I usually never repost another answer to the same or similar question, cause now you changed it. I’m not even bothering with the new revised question. Just need to let you know that when you post something, whatever question in a site like this your giving people permission to express themselves towards what they believe and understand as far as your question goes. Question number one is different from your clarified question/statement number 2. Calling people dumb is not nice, esp. singling out anybody. I’ve lived too long and try too hard to do good unto others soo please don’t call people dumb, when we’re only responding to whatever we understood as far as your first question was (or actually let me speak for my self, I don’t appreciate being called dumb). Thanks.

Answer #2

LOL, ok, try looking at it another way. Some people live for today, some live for tomorrow. And in that context, even the words today and tomorrow are not to be taken literally but more - how much planning do you do for the future? Some people pack all their money away for a time when they retire, to the extent that they live in misery and then kick the bucket suddenly at the age of 62 and their vast fortune is left for others to spend. At the other end of the spectrum you get people who don’t even know where their next meal is coming from… but they’re happy and partying and being a free spirit. They may think they’re living life to the fullest, but are they really, if they’re not sure where they’re going to be living next month?

SOmewhere in the middle there’s a really nice balance. And some of us are lucky enough to find it.

Answer #3

excusee mehhhsmacks glm with textbook…how DARE you call me DUMB!…ahahah

your DUMB if you dont get what im saying…I live for the future that is the hereafter…and evrything else in life is pointless because its not going to be counted and HELP you in the hereafter…and you cant live your life without surviving…I mean if you dont work you wont be able to live your “life”…money is what makes the world go around…doing BBC at uni isnt really going to help me in the hereafter…but I dun want to be a pathetic BUM that lives out on the streetsspits…and you cant live your life the way YOU want because you DONT KNOW wats going to happen next in your life… are u talking about extreme things like bungee jumping??or watever??…if you want to have a”life” your going to have to work for it…u need to be more specific about “living your life”…sum people thing outside the box or even look through differnet objects…not evry1 thinks the same…thats what makes our race differnet


Answer #4

ik tried living life to the fullest but it just got me in a lot of trouble so why should I life my life the way I want to because no matter what I do it never works out for me because I just get blamed for stuff I do and stuff I don’t life isn’t fair so just straighten up your life as much as you can because you will never no where you will end up I try to life my life with god an try to do the right things because you never no when you will not wake up you never no where you will be heaven of hell it’s your chose to make live for god or live life the way you want to no matter what choses you make thay always come with consaqinses. thats why I learned my lesson. im trying to live for god im doing my best an waiting to see where life takes me where ever I end up I will be there for a reason. so make the right choses follow your gut an do the right thing

Answer #5

If your not living your life the way you want then your not living!

Over 20 years ago I would of probably agreed. Thanks to living life the way I wanted I got hurt more than once and messed up more than once. Without me making this a religious answer even though I do believe in God, I am christian and trying very hard to to keep my answer short. I have 5 kids 3 of the eldest all above the 19yr range have tried just like I did live life the way the wanted, but thanks to my own “life” experiences I managed to get control of the situation before it got worst. Sometimes within the teenage years we feel that people, esp. parents are depriving us from happiness. In my case I’ve just wanted the best for them. I could see that they wanted to live life. Now they’re at an age where they can pretty much do whatever, but yet they have structure in their lives, one is in the military, the other one is starting a family, and my son is in his second yr in the university. So please believe when I say that living life the way “you” want is not always the best. If it would of been up to them, who knows what would have become of their lives. These kids are very strong minded individuals, I guess they got that from me. I don’t think anybody plans out to live life without living it to the fullest, but many times you have set boundaries within you. What is life to the fullest to you, is it the parties, drinking, dancing, reading, swimming, doing charity work, what? Depends which way you gear I can say I have lived life to the fullest, the way I wanted it and I chose to have structure and commitment.
After my low back spine surgery I stopped planning ahead, I even tell my friends that I refuse to look into/at/for the future, I take day by day as it comes. Every day when I wake up I thank God for a new day. I try to do my best with people that are around me and of course my family and my 5 kids. I don’t take life for granted. I try not harm those around me and if I do I will always try to mend things before they escalate. Sorry this is long, hopefully you read through.

Answer #6

letit be anyday…time will tell you that what we do is what we like to do.there’s nothin called sin .but yes there are things which we could learn frm religion but not regret.lifes is all about making use of the present…dont think of tomorrow or yesterday.let the sun rays touch our wounds and heal our lives.it’s time to see life the way you want to not through the minds of others.let your heart and mind work.break the chains…just feel the love in the air…just feel it…happiness is what you and me live for..n it’ll be there whenever you want it.belief in everythin you do will make sense.theres no hell .everyone will go into the world they desire to.so when you dream…dream of what you truly feel like living.

Answer #7

If you’re living your life but not the way you want it. That would still be living, scientifically. But still, living that way will result to sadness. And it would seem that those who choose to live that way stay miserable.

Answer #8

“Life is what happens when you are busy making plans.” You still have to make the plans though. I used to be all about living in the moment. Then I realized I was hungry. Apparently, it isn’t everyone else’s agenda to make all of MY moments the grandest, so I got a job.

Answer #9

depends, im living life the way I want to. and you know what, I highly doubt I’ll even live past 30 with my lifestyle. I live to the fullest, and it will be the death of me

Answer #10

LMAO!!…poor mattypats matts head…its ok matt…lol

living life’s test to the FULLEST…NO WAY!!…I wish I cud but life has too many distractions…T_T

Answer #11

yeh I do fun stuff…like partying and living life but life isnt just fun and games life is a test…but yeah I LIVE my life to the FULLEST…make the most out of it^^

Answer #12

depends on what you beleive…like I beleive that there’s heaven and hell..and I believe that life is a test and not “meant” to be easy…s0o no I dont agree

Answer #13

Stop confusing me!!!

Answer #14

Yah I agree with your question=]]

Answer #15

your not even making any sense! sweatdrop

Answer #16

exactly so the test is are you living it to the fullest

Answer #17

ok but you can also do what you want and not commit sins.

Answer #18

I totally agree!

people are making the mistake in thinking this means only doing bad things and not caring about the circumstances… but believe it or not some people do good things because they want to!

but if you cant live your life without being a puppet for others, than whats the point!

Answer #19


dont post questions if you WANT people TO ANSWER them your WAY…thats just POINTLESS…

Answer #20

yall are dumb obviously you dont ge tthe question especially Koolish Im saying if your working just to live your not living at all your jsut surviving Techniacally you are living but you have no life.

Answer #21


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